Glass Hammer Lyrics

Unto us a child is born
A son is given
Counselor and mighty God
Prince of Peace
Holy Savior
Clothed in flesh
He walked among us
Yet, he was nailed to a tree
And the spear of the Roman
Pierced holy flesh

Rome decrees the King must die
By your spear, a sacrifice
Here your quest for glory ends
For God walks among mankind

Contributed by Mateo D. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


This song is just...absolutely....fantastic. Good music is officially not dead, praise God.

Steve Abril

Love it...Progressive Rock with a fantasy touch. And a splash of E.L.P

Xyshom Avazax

Probably my favorite GH song! The band is on fire on this one.


This song gave me chills.
I hear elements of Yes and ELP.
The feel of this song took me back to another time in my life and it felt great. I have GOT to check out more from this band.

Carolyn Cross

Good band, beautiful music! I'm happy for you, Steve. 

Jim Maddog Husek

5 years later it still kicks ass!

Roger Moore

One of my all time fav songs

Maurino Júnior

Progressive Rock of the highest level and impeccable arrangements !!!

David Naegele

this tune is just so exquisite : it actually tells a lot concerning british mastery in this domain.

Music lover

Wonderful album in my collection, thanks for vid.

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