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First Movement
Glenn Branca Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Craig Zacker

I saw this performed in about 1983 in St. Mark's Church in Greenwich Village. Z'ev was a wild man of flailing metal. It was mesmerizing music, but it was also the loudest concert I ever attended. The musicians played homemade horizontally-mounted guitar-like instruments that they struck with mallets. It was impossibly loud. I was imagining what it must be like outside, the warm summer village evening sundered by this pulsating wall of sound emanating from the church and rattling the neighborhood. It really was irresponsibly loud, but I had no earplugs and didn't want to leave. I definitely experienced some permanent hearing loss that evening. It was one of many strange events I attended in those years. Now I live in Pennsylvania, where it's quiet and there are cows, but my ears are still ringing. Thanks, Glenn.

joe curtin

@Craig Zacker I was also there and now have a house near Honesdale PA so I guess we both headed for the hills. I was in an offshoot of Theoretical Girls so I knew Glenn back in the day. His greatest performance IMHO was Hallucination City at the World Trade Center, 100 guitars, 40 basses and a drummer broken into left and right groups for an intense stereo field effect. Unfortunately there is not even a crappy bootleg of it and he literally threw that score away - he told me this - and rewrote a new version that was pretty awful. And yes it was was an unbelievable period of time in Manhattan.

Glenn Baker

I was there too! Yes, among the loudest shows I've ever attended. As near as I can tell it was May 1982: RIP Mr. Branca

The Acid Drip

Holy Christ that into is fucking annoying I almost skipped this song just because of it.

That said, I fast forwarded it a little and then the real song started to build with so much tension.

Its like something from God Speed You Black Emperor or Isis or Neurosis.

I love the symphonic crashing waves of tension rolling over me. It's wonderfully cathartic experience.

Thanks for sharing this song

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