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Contrapunctus I
Glenn Gould Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


Glenn and his two best friends. His dog and Bach.

Someone lol

And his chair

Maria Casemyr OperaSinger

I know this is unrelated to the music but this man plays piano sensually...

Claire Carton

Yeah, no, that’s related to the music.

Chris Doby

For those who read about his pianos and want to know what the "Chickering" sounded like, this is the Chickering piano. The keys had a good feel to them - he could feel the notes. He said that modern pianos had power steering that he didn't like. He tried to make subsequent pianos such as his Steinway CD318 feel like this one. He also made the 318 sound more like a harpsichord, and most of his Bach recordings and others are the 318 from Columbia Records.


And on the sixth day God created Bach in his own image, a piano and a Gould he created them.


Those who think it's too slow might need to slow down themselves a bit ;) Gould once said he would play a lot of pieces much slower if there was any technology to record and replay 70 minutes at once. We have that technology now, but sadly, he's gone.

Craig Matteson

Hear the voice lines. Magnificent playing. An ecstatic musical experience.


I totally agree with that Glenn Gould is always my favourite pianist

Sherman Smart

Glen Gould didn't really "press" the keys. He "pulled" them.

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