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Glenn Gould Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

KK Icons

Super cool to hear the discussion on different keys. Do you have the other radio broadcasts, Anti Alea, Strauss, and On Competition? Will you be able to post them at some point, and if not, is there anyway I could get a link to listen to them? Thanks.

Bruce Cross

Anti Alea and the Strauss documentaries I can post soon. But I don't know which one you mean by 'On Competition'. Can you give me some more clues? Bruce

sasha pakalo

Thanks for sharing this precious content!

sam roth

"Es ist Genug" is in the St. John Passion? I thought it was a choral from BWV 60

sam roth

@Bruce Cross You see. You are so goddamn precious...!

Bruce Cross

Yes, you are right! And it is not in B minor, either. I suppose he was thinking of 'Es ist vollbracht', the Alto aria in B minor from the St John Passion. This seems to fit the context.

Samantha York

the most frustrating Echo! :( I always wonder why he plays it like that.


@Classicalemotion But keep in mind: Bach (and so many others, especially Beethoven) would have gone nuts to have the modern grand piano. Not knocking early instruments; I love them too. Just saying that earlier composers would have flipped to have such an instrument. After all, Bach had an organ to play; much larger even than the grand piano, and you can be sure he loved it! He even re-worked violin pieces for the organ. Of all composers, Bach is the most malleable, and deservedly so.


@Samantha York I don't find really interesting Bach on the piano except with Glenn Gould. Because if you want to really hear Bach, there is Leonhardt, or Koopman, playing on period instruments and knowing about the style. Glenn Gould it's a different thing than just Bach on a piano. But I understand the point of view of piano fanatics. I come from the early music, so my point of view differs from how a modern instrumentalist would measure a good or not good interpretation.

Samantha York

@Bruce Cross yeah! I mean, it's called 'echo' and he doesnt echo! What's more annoying is that in the TV program Gould recorded called 'the question of instrument', he even remarks, using the italian concerto as an example, how he wouldnt want to mess with bach's (not-often) written dynamics, and it just blows my mind I can never find French overture without him just flat out ignoring the dynamics in the echo that lend it its name !!! For contrast, I recommend Evgeni koroliev's version. He does an amazing job with the dynamics there.

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