Gnarls Barkley Lyrics

Uh huh, wake up, wake up, wake up
Don't wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up
Uh huh, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up

It's naughty, very naughty necrophilia
Without a care I'm compassionate about killing her
I'd have my way with what's left of the will in her
Cosmopolitans, and cocaine, and an occasional pill in her
When she spoke I saw a spark, but it was dark so
I drove her home when she died, sexy suicide
Sweet nothings for the numb, you feel where I'm coming from?
Have no fear, everything's fine, my girl parties all the time

Did you hear what I said?
With this ring I thee wed
A body in my bed
She was cool when I met her, but I think I like her better dead

The production is progressive, but the reason is retro
The chords are cold-blooded murder, I named it neo-necro
I whispered in her ear to hear an echo, echo-co-co
I keep her, it's cheaper, I love too much to let go

We discussed over dinner how she would die before the day was done
So I've caught her just in time to have a little fun
And you could use a little sun
So scream and holler, run and play wish you could die another day

I'm glad to say that I've
Done what I could to revive
My softer side survived
Damn, that shit was all right, when she was alive

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Comments from YouTube:


Its not about literally having sex with a body. He's comparing picking up someone thats fucked up (cosmopolitan, cocaine, occasional pills) to a dead body. He's saying the lack of emotion when having sex with someone that messed up is like the person isn't even alive. Thats my take anyway.

William Palacios-Toledo

Lack of emotion? It's called rape breh.


sounds like he's speaking from experience given the recent charges.


This song gives me the chills. At first I thought it was Taboo in a hip-hop song, but figuring out the actual meaning - it's not Taboo. Dark Romance, if anything. In this song they speak about being with a woman who uses drugs (cocaine, an occasional pill..) and compare the lack of emotion and passion in such relationship to one with a dead body. But the character loves it that way. Scary shit..

Glen Greene

Shows you what god he worships. Death. Don't let this evil person lead you down the Broadway. For the end thereof IS death. Choose life and IT more abundantly. Choose a relationship with the Creator. Time is short as we ALL can see... or will you not?

Fatima Amerson

I think this song illustrates the lack of consciousness within humanity.


I think this is the sickest song on the album. The tricky lyrics and the funky ass beat is just awesome together.

Dejan Grabus

I heard from a guy that this song is dedicated to hip-hop... think about hip-hop whenever cee-lo mentions "her" and you'll find the meaning of the song. When I first heard that I found this song VERY striking

annie Golden

yes-I can't get enough of itđź’ś!!!

Drew Lewis

song alot of people dont know about he is a music genius

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