Long Blond Animal
Golden Earring Lyrics

From the Albums:
* Prisoner of the night
* 2nd Live
* Something heavy going down
* The naked truth
* Last blast of the century

Get out of my parlour, won't you
Get out of my life
Put on that crazy raincoat
You're gonna need it tonight
Get out of my parlour
For I cut you with a knife
Don't want your disease
Don't need your silly jive
I was an innocent by-stander
I was middle of the roadman for you
Then you took me for a ride, now baby
Showed me all the things you could do
I always listen to the good looking lady
A mistake I won't make no more
'Cause you might be a goodlooking lady
You're rotten to the core
I've been under your influence
Under your spell too long
Now people keep me at a distance
Everything I do is wrong
My brain's desintegrating
Devils singing my song
This cannot continue
This cannot go on
Chorus: ...
You're nothing but a long blond animal

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Barry's story in the middle.... Please comment if you understand the missing parts, or if I misheared something.

Hey Leiden, you wanna hear a real nice and sad story?
Wanna hear a real sad story?
When I got home from the United States, I found my front door wide open
And everything was gone you know,
I mean my clothes gone, my shoes gone, all that stuff gone
Happy 'cause I'm not a materialistic guy, so I won't miss that sh*t just anyway, but...
I decide to take a look upstair to check out the art collection,
Take out my Picasso's, and my Dali's and all that crap
(?) It's gone, everything is gone
My radio, my TV, my records,
And on the couch, oh, the couch is still there..
It's the biggest m*therf***ker, youve ever seen in your life man,
And he looks exactly like Ceasar (**the drummer**), except,
Except he got red hair, all over,
And he wakes up when I walk in, and I
I've had a deja-vu about that one you now
He wakes up and says: who the f**k are you?
And I say: hey man, I live here! This is my house
Where is my long blond animal?
And this guy says: You're talking about your long blond girlfriend?
And I say: Yeah, and he said:
Oh, she just went out to get some booze, and some dope and some pills, and some cocaine, keep me happy you know
I got real pissed off of this guy, decide to go downstairs and take some sleeping pills
Fall asleep, wake up the next day and had a smiley on my lips like an optimistic guy should do,

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Als kind reed ik soms met mijn vader mee naar zijn werk, en vaak kwam het cassetebandje met dit nummer erop voorbij. Steevast vertelde hij dan over de keer dat hij te voet op weg was naar een concert toen er een busje stopte met, jawel, Golden Earring erin. Ze konden de weg niet vinden en mijn vader mocht meeliften als hij ze de weg kon wijzen. Vergeet ik nooit meer.


Mooi verhaal voor in de Top 2000 A GoGo man ;)


ik woonde in de jarnen 90 in zeehelden in den haag , en daar liepen ze vaak, met zonnebril en lange jas. :)

Helen vR

Over gouwe ouwe gesproken!! Mijn pa was vroeger al fan... en nu ben ik het. Een bewijs dat de Golden Earring alle tijden doorstaat. RESPECT!


I spent so much money on import LPs by these guys since they didn't get much distribution in the US for a lot of their career. (Worth every penny.)

J Wiggy

Have this concert on video trying to find American DVD version help please?

Mariska Candice

All I ever heard was Radar Love & Twilight Zone. Christmas 2017, Amazon recommended me their box set of all of their studio albums remastered. I said to myself, They wouldn't have made this if their music wasn't really good. I bought it, & they quickly tied Deep Purple as my all-time-favorite band! Then when the set came out of their live albums, I bought it. Both were worth every penny!


'Holland greatest rockband, more than 50 year"s still going strong.


@Stoned2072 50 Jahr in diese zusammenstellung.


martjebes54 - Gegründet 1961 !!!!

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