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Nobody Hurts You
by Graham Parker

Pre>riff over e d a e be a e d a d e
I try to pull my weight, study my geography
A d
It doesn't seem to get me anywhere
I hold a picture up, everybody thinks it's me
A d
I get a thrill out of tampering with the atmosphere
Bm g
Hey baby, I'm out of favour
Bm d
Can't always be the right flavour
It just seems that no matter what you do
Someone, somewhere's suddenly gotta punish you

D a g a
Nobody hurts you nobody hurts you
D a g a
Nobody hurts you nobody hurts you
G d
Harder than yourself harder than yourself
G d
Harder than yourself harder than yourself

I once had this dream, woke up with the daily news
And it looked like forever
I had a coffee fix, every item there to choose?
All my love came by letter
Suffocating in suburbia
The new estates build claustrophobia
Grandfather's money only in the finest stuff
That's enough, that's enough, that's enough

Repeat chorus, repeast intro

You make me tag along, run into the rent-a-crowd
But they're just imitation
I try to write the song, you and me are laughing loud
But it comes out frustration
No one's going to illuminate you
All the odds are stacked against you
You're just cavin' in, right there in front of me
It's a picture I don't ever want to see

Repeat chorus with variations chords are g and d /pre>


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Comments from YouTube:

Digital Assets

He's always been "out of favor" and "not the right flavor." Thank Satan!

just a fluffy bunny slipper

Hail him and hi from , 2020

Mike Dooley

"You can't always be the right flavor" -- GP, "Nobody Hurts You"


Ah...the soothing vibes of REAL Music.

Jay Diefenderfer

This has been one of my all-time favorite albums since it's release

Bill Simpich

This song climaxed the end of the seventies for me. One of the greatest albums ever.


It is funny how this ones held up so well.


Last hurrah before AIDS and the 80's glitz

Glen Quagmireful

Saw him do this on June 16th, 2015 in Ridgefield, Connecticut and he brought the house down.! Fantastic to see him reunited with the Rumour, especially the great Martin Belmont.

Ari Lahtinen

Great guitarplayers: Martin Belmont and Brinsley Schwarz

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