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Apparently before Jed had left us
He wrote some poems
Wrote them for no one
But I'll guess I'll show them
Here's one of Jed's poems

You said I'd wake up
Dead drunk, alone in the park
I called you a liar
But how right you were
Air conditioned TV land, twenty grand walk to the bank
The shakes from the night before
Staring at the tiki floor
High school, wedding ring keys
Are under the mats
Of all of the houses here
But not the motels
I try to sing in funny like Beck, but it's bringing me down
Lower than ground
Beautiful ground
Beautiful ground

Test tones and failed
Clones and odd parts made you


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Ethan Smith

RIP my childhood.
Everything Ive known to be true, sort of twisted on its head.
Back in the summer my son was born.
His beautiful mother and overclocked father will raise him best they can.
He will not grow up in the idyllic world his father did.
The stress of the cartoon land becoming cold concrete, the reason I feel like a overwound clockspring most days.
The world and all its woes will reach him earlier, and he will be better than me for it.
I weep for him and all he will face, as my father wept for me.
The world and the people in it decay at a pace quickening with every birth and death and day that passes...

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The first line always kills me. I’ve been there, dead-drunk alone in the park, realizing that all the warnings I ignored during my reckless years of drug and alcohol were true, and I really have damaged myself physically, emotionally, financially, and my life socially.

“I called you a liar, but how right you were”

Hell, and the part about “shakes from the night before” also relates to that directly. Very beautiful and personal song for me, but I literally cry every time.

Mike Spongili

OH yeah. It's a really good song. I'm with ya.

Adrienne SA

And it's a computer's decent into alcoholism, tragicomedy

Joe Hartless

Great Song! The lines “With Shakes from the night before. Staring at the Tiki floor” are most likely a reference to a bar named “The Tiki” in Grandaddy’s hometown of Modesto.

C hrist

Thank you!


Uplifting dark place I want to visit but don't want to go back to because of the fantastic feelings,memories, smells tastes and being that will never be understood by any one other than me.


My goodness Grandaddy was so good!!  They seriously have at least 20 songs that I love.  This one is so poetic and amazing

orion khan

Go progress chrome

graven tyler

+Pablo Ochoa hes simple hes dumb hes the pilot


+Pablo Ochoa Also I forgot to mention What Can't Be Erased, Lost on Yer Merry Way, A.M. 180, and Everything Beautiful Is Far Away.

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