Grave Maker Lyrics

No second chances!

Fighting my demons day by day, all the pain I've caused!
Run away! When I was gone, my family never spoke my name.
Never forget those times,
Just try to forget that state of mind or cruel world.
You tried to get the best of me.

It used to be a countdown to my life,
As I was told the consequences of my mistakes.
Grew up running city to city,
Told I'd never see the age of nineteen.
At the time, I accepted.
But here I am, I'm still alive counting up.
This is my pledge to life,
Examples set from the friends I've lost.
No second chances!
I can't let this life pass by!

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jacob siegersmapieters

@SxExHxC777 Once I traded my Pantera shirt with a shirt of their own merch singer wore it a couple of times pretty funny allthough it had hole's and smelled like sweat



jacob siegersmapieters

@JebusPrisms One question do you know there the old bass player is gone?


@trainity14 Oh snap! i forgot about comeback kid, even if theyre on the beginning of the video, i had a tard moment. >.< But yeah i love comeback kid!


Grave Maker are Win. So good live!


@MrColeKeller its my opinion.

Kim Punkrock

when did this album come out?

Kim Punkrock

@SxExHxC777 maybe they needed a clean shirt that day, these guys tour relentlessly.


I have been listening to Grave Maker for years, and when i heard that they got signed to Victory, I was kind of upset. But once i heard this album i was impressed. Victory didn't ruin them, and i hope they never do.

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