Graveltrap Lyrics

Hanging pictures on the wall, write your name in wet cement,
Farewell to all my friends
I lost myself for 18 years, wasting all i had to give
But all is said and done

Is never coming back again and
I won't cry
I'll think about the happy times we had
I guess i'm giving up on love
Is there something i have missed or am i the unlucky one
Did you ever listen to
The words and melodies of the songs that i wrote for you


My childhood was so fucked up, i think thats why i wrote this song
But it's time that i moved on
Regretting all the things i did, taking back those words i said
It's time to say goodbye

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Comments from YouTube:

John Blunden

love seeing them at the pitz they rock


i saw them live in Dundee, only like 10 people turned out to the gig! we ended up hanging out with them later! bass player taught me the bass solo riff! true story. good times indeed.


nobodyshero84 my band supported them that night if it’s the gig I’m thinking of. Disappointing turnout indeed!


I would cut my right but off to have bands like this again

Mark Shaw

Check out a band called LoGoz


genius. haven't heard this in years!

stefan elsdon

i wish MK still have a good music scene. its all shit now. miss graveltrap so much


These were the days!

Adrian French

reminds me of better times

Richard Hero

Miss Bands like this, Lightyear, Spankboy =(

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