The Silence
Gray Lines Of Perfection Lyrics

The night's ocean is colored red
As the roses cut from my hand
It is time to move on from this
And I will grow from this
The sun shines dimmer each day
As the dissonant chord fueled by memory
We watched each other grow
But children we still are
Yearning to seek and to believe
We are not yet able to breathe
While we bleed the fresh air
And choke on the fear
Of healing each other's scars
Someone is there
Yes someone is there
Listening to our simple prayers

See with your heart
And cry with your eyes closed

And everyone is watching the sun rise in your eyes

Run your fingers
To the one
And the person
You wish you were

I felt the voices surround me
I felt your presence rain on me
Emotion starts at the heart
Devotion starts at the heart
We see the love in this life
We died twice for this strife
You can't take this back
Our hearts fell off track

Run your fingers
To the one,
And the person
You wish you were

What do we have left to learn
What do we have left

Pray for tomorrow
And we shall
Pray for tomorrow
Well just have to
Pray for tomorrow to come today

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