Ghost Ship
Grieves Lyrics

the rain came down like a banket and insulated the street lights
turned the gutters to rivers and sailed away with my free time
nowadays I got a lot more to juggle
a monster to struggle down in lock to the rubble
need to slow down 'cause I don't know if I can go out
and force a little sunshine outta broken bone powder
crushed, holding on to the rocks in my gut
this is blood around, it bulls and forcing me to get up
like jump, all of this is driving me mad, i gotta razor with a poem on it, smiling back
it kinda feels like i'm under attack with no boundaries
and cannons balls drowning and tied at my foot, sunk
they'll probably find all of the wreckage in the morn'
come runnin from their beach homes and watchin from the shore
all aboard, the new ship is leaving the port

I only sail now to calm that storm, to calm that storm
i'm floating away, it kinda feels like i'm drowning
i'm floating away, drowning

the belly of it creaks and moans in the water like a monster tryna eat my bones
i'm out here tryna solve the problem that is breached my hull and got me jumping off the plank in every sea I roam
it's not okay no more, dropped the anchor, tied an captain wheel's though it
let't die in the daytime and cry to its music
yeah, I never thought that I could harpoon love and watch the world turn red with a drop of its blood
like fuck, all of this is driving me mad
I watched the water from the crows nest fighting to pass
this whole thing's like a knife in the back
I can't grasp it, I feel like i'm floating alone
its my casket, sink
I don't think that I can go further
sink, all of this is feeling like murder
sink, they'll probably find the wreckage in the morn

I need to sink so I can calm that storm, to calm that storm
i'm floating away, it kinda feels like i'm drowning
i'm floating away, drowning

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Comments from YouTube:

The Lil Yopo Show

this song feels like the definition of my life right now. no matter what i do, my head is sinking rather than floating.


i feel like all of his songs are my favorite


ive been followin grieves for like a year now and he still impresses me with his colorful use of lyrics

Extraordinary Altruist

Sapient killin it on the production as usual. Dope track


Time to pull out this album again. I found it when I needed it back in 2012. Seems like it's calling me back to itself again.


this song in particular displays Grieves' amazing lyrical talent

Extraordinary Altruist

@stokelycarm I read on the super happy wax forum that this is one of the tracks Sape produced (there might be others, I'm not sure)

Ben Walker

I completely agree with this!


Got chills listening to this...


@al458 in addition to what edmstyles mentioned checkout some NW artists like Sapient, Grayskul, Debaser, Iame, Macklemore, etc.

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