Grits Lyrics

Everybody needs something to see
Something to feel
And something to be
Everybody needs something as proof
Something in hand
To know the truth

Livin' lavish like the biltmore
What the blood spilt for
A ship in harbor safe
But that ain't what its built for

Do all I can to help you get more
If you forgive my slight intrusion
I see this night is confusin
A constant fight with illusions

Shed a light on conclusions
What you desire is a way out
Day in and day out
Do not disturb signs so ill stay out

How long will you let the torture grasp you
I see spirits manifestin'
Blockin' blessings with the questions
That you hear me ask you

Keep it up so much will pass you
You can make it on a prayer
Yeah that's true
But barely getting by when you can do more

Why would you want to
Forgettin that the woods dry and the fires on you
Life's a hustle
Be prepared to rastle

It can be rough
But it don't have to
You can make it full of smiles
Something to laugh to

So pick and chose my message thick
So squeeze and watch it ooze
Make it a game to where your fears lose
Lets go

There's a way that seems right
In the heart of a man
And many angels of light
In disguise destroying man

So most chose to refuse
The absolute truth
Replace it with lies
Use ignorance as an excuse

It's hard to conceive
What the mind can't comprehend
And harder to believe
What the eyes can't understand

We look to theory philosophy and thought
For a sure foundation
In a belief we once sought
While the shadow of truth

Cast an image so clear
The closer it gets
We reject it out of fear
If we really wanted truth
We would give our lives for

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He speaks the truth, but what we conclude is out of our knowing. A perspective left to discover.

Charles Tacy

This is a great song


Whenever I hear the line "their is a way that seems right in the heart of a man" I cry and thank god for all the times that he has forgiven me and stuck with me. He IS out there, and he loves each and every one of us so much more than we can ever understand...God Bless us all...


Beautofull Song .


Beautifull Sog . please make more awesone songs grits please God bless you.

Stephen Smith

Love this jam

Steven Anzures

2021 and this song still hits like the first moment I heard it!


Performing this at the talent show at my school. Wish me luck! (:

Felicia Holcomb

I remember riding round listening to this song, 17 years old in my first car :) I will never forget this memory and this song will never get old for me. I also remember running,

Ginny Bain Allen


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