What Do You Believe?
Grits Lyrics

Yes, it's like this...(the truth)
What do you believe? (is out there)
What do I believe? (if you're looking)
What does the mind conceive. (you will find)

In these last days, man craves signs and wonders,
So my heart speaks prophesy through sound and thunder,
Home tracks, lightning cracks backs of atheist blunder,
Do I really believe God cam in the form of a man?
Destroyed what he created just to raise it again, so we can be cleansed and stand before his throne in the end,
Give account for our obedience and keeping command,
So many have deeper needs they don't understand,
So many have questions unanswered, 'cause it's bigger than man - yo, (the truth is out there)
And the only answer given is rejected in doubt, 'cause too many living lives instead of Christ lived out. (the truth is out there)

So, what do you believe? (if you are seeking)
And what do I believe? (you will find)
What does the mind conceive. (open your mind)
Man, it gets so deep, (so deep)
It gets so deep. (what do you believe?)

(the truth is there)
What do you believe?

What do you believe?
What I you believe?
Man, it gets so deep, (deep)
It gets so deep, (deep)
What do you believe?
What I you believe?
Man, it gets so deep, (deep)
It gets so deep, (deep)
What do you believe?
What I you believe?

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Comments from YouTube:

Charles Tacy

This is a great song


He speaks the truth, but what we conclude is out of our knowing. A perspective left to discover.

Stephen Smith

Love this jam


Beautifull Sog . please make more awesone songs grits please God bless you.


Beautofull Song .

Steven Anzures

2021 and this song still hits like the first moment I heard it!


Performing this at the talent show at my school. Wish me luck! (:

Péter Barna

Congratulation Zolimoli! Great song!!! I love it!!!


Jesus is Absolutely amazing <3

Felicia Holcomb

I remember riding round listening to this song, 17 years old in my first car :) I will never forget this memory and this song will never get old for me. I also remember running,

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