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And So It Goes In every heart there is a room A sanctuary safe and…
Drive I′m always lost cuz' I′m looking up It's the ground or…
Gotta Lotta Lemons Grass is never green'r on the other side of the…
Harold's House of Jazz Star shining down on the city at night Sparkling bright In t…

Strangers of the Heart Feel you, for the first time As you vibe for no…

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Comments from YouTube:

Meteor Fist Films

Amanda has been my friend for a long time. So happy to see her finally on TV I told her she would make it one day

Jay Martinson

They are awesome! Great work!!

Michael Gookin

holy! They are really good. I was actually surprised that she recovered so well from her slip-up.


Here's the honest truth... Groove for Thought performed the hardest music in the competition. Anyone who can appreciate how easily they nailed the passing tones would agree. Also, Kelly Kunz, one of the group members is an amazing writer and arranger. It wouldn't surprise me if he arranged all the songs they performed. It's unfortunate that other groups made it further than groove for thought did. They were the most talented.


As soon as she fumbled the lyrics, I cringed. They'd been sounding so good. I felt really terrible, and I just knew they were going to get kicked off for that. I was slightly surprised the judges didn't mention it, but I think they were trying to let her down easy. Everyone forgets lyrics sometimes. It's a matter of how smoothly you pick it back up.

Jessikah Tisdale

If you watch her face you can tell she didn't forget the words. Her voice just cracked when she tried to get the words out.

Ashley Mcneil

i love this song


They have a great sound to them- If only she didn't mess up near the end...

Hoovering Hans

No love for Stephanie!?!?!?!? She's smoking hot, and has an amazing voice!


love her :)

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