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You ready? 'Cause I'm ready
Hold steady, really steady
Like Freddie, steady Freddie
Now dig what I got to say
Now let me tell you bout a small town
It's kinda sleepy kinda run down
But people always seem to stay round
'Cause they know that we're groovin' hard
Yeah, we been workin' this way
We try to keep it on the down low (practicin' all day)
But It's not easy hidin', oh, no! (blowin' somethin' new)
When all we wanna do is say so (and we'll know what to do)
At the club we're gonna groove it hard
Bands boppin', the people stompin'
They come from all around (oh)
Don't you know that
I stay home all day long
Just thinking about (about my new song)
And it's true (so if you're ever in a small town)
Playin' oh so blue (we hope that you'll decide to stay around)
See what we've got in store ('cause if you wanna hear the big sound)
When you walk in the door (at the club we're gonna groove it hard)
You ready? 'Cause I'm ready
Rock steady, really steady
Like Freddie, steady Freddie
Now hear what I got to say (got to say, got to play)
Blowin' fast, blowin' strong
Goin' on, very long, ready
When I was a kid I used to listen to the band that would play
At the club they would play night and day
They were swingin', they were wailin' away
Sneakin' in the back door
To get more
I wanted to watch but I knew I'd be caught
If I slipped in behind the band
But, oh, it was grand, at the Blue Note
I wanted to be there
I knew what I wanted to do
Play the horn in the band just like the one I'm listening to
Play the blues, in the way that Miles Davis would play
And every other thing that made me want to sing all day
Bein' in the Blue Note
Oh, takin' it all in
It was such a good time
When they were blowin' up a storm
And when they played the blues
They played so smooth
But when the night had ended, went home
I couldn't wait to get out on my own
To get on how to make a living
To play the night away
I'll be groovin' all day
Then at night when we go out to play
We're groovin' all of the way
Playin' strong goin' all night long
Bands boppin', the people stompin'
Don't you know that
I stay home all day long
Just thinking bout' oh
Groovin' too hard and
Blowin' and high'
Blowin' to town, oh
So that's the story, hope is on to glory
Diggin' the music oh so sweet
Diggin' the big band, soundin' all it's glory
Groovin' hard ba da dat

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I miss this group so much!! Thanks for the years of great music. So good. So tight. 💯💯 💙


You are simply the bests, 2'53'''s so beautiful and perfect ! I love you!
French man jazz bass.


Never knew their were words to this song. Always heard the big band versions and played it in a few different Air Force Big Bands over the years. This was OUTSTANDING!!!


Step aside all vocal groups. This is masterful. Love love Groove for thought.


This is too much for a guy like me. I thought I could sing a little bit... but you killed my hope!!! Greetings from Portugal.


Some serious superior genes in each of these amazing vocalists!


Major kudos to all of you. Great vocals and fantastic backing track!


I have two favorite vocal bands. Groove for Thought is one of them. I love you guys. Superb musicianship in every aspect. Please keep going


What's the other?


We are playing this in my jazz band and I had no idea that there were words that went along with this song but I am happy that their are

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