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Mike Olson

This song was made with only 3 synthesizers actually. An Akai S3000 Sampler, a Roland Juno 106 and an Access Virus B.

That Skier Guy

Still listening in 2021

Mark Montemayor

Love this song, Mike. It got me through many tough papers and tough times!


One of the most incredible trance tracks of all times. For me this is the number one, followed by the Arty remix of Reverse's "Absolute Reality".
Some people don't like the vocals, I find it well-matched with the music and by the way: in nearly 11 minutes there are only 3 minutes dominated by the voice. Space enough for everyone to enjoy the music.

Mark C.

Does anyone have the complete lyrics? I LOVE Jes's vocals here, they transport me.

Andreas Viklund

One of the true favorites from the old days. Scott Lee, what you did ended up resulting in music that inspired me to get my band of that time (Lagoona) on - which in turn sent me on many amazing adventures. Those were amazing times, I miss them as well. So much talent, so many good songs. And many of them are still just as amazing, this song being one of them. Shoutouts to all the old friends from the years!


oh wow, I remember getting some of your tracks back in the day! haha, what a throwback! :D


I still have a bunch of your songs that I got from I tuned into Lagoona at the time you were excited to be getting air time. "Why does my cat sound like this" is one of my favorites, and "Andreas theme" is one of the happiest tunes I've ever heard.

Robert Hollenfer

yes... great trance tune and yes to JES: Great Vocal! It progresses so beautifully once JES starts... ;)

That Skier Guy

If you’re here in 2021 then you have a good taste in music ❤️

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