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Whiskey Woman
Gugun Blues Shelter Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Whiskey Woman' by these artists:

Flamin' Groovies Ive been hungry all day long For that girl whos wastin…
Whitford/St. Holmes You never take my money You never drive my cars You've alw…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Gugun Blues Shelter:

Emptyness There's nothing I wanna do, but sit and watch They talk…
Fight for Freedom Mmmhh mmmhh You can't buy my voice, oh no I got a…
Good Thing Bad Things There's nothing I wanna do, but sit and watch They talk…
Ikuti Langkah Jalani hidup ini bersama dirimu Yang s'lalu kau hitung hari …
Old Friend Spent so many good days together, Running round making troub…
On the Run Heard the blast and went for the door, Got this feeling…
Rusty Man I was born in 1962 Give or take a number of two Maybe…
satu untuk berbagi Di jantung kota Berjalan kusendiri di tengah hangatnya Di de…
When I See You Again Day turns into night Here on my own again The hours pass…
Your The Man see your face all over the town you're the man who…

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Comments from YouTube:

Christine Gneuss Photography

That was awesome... Will you be this year again at Jakarta´s International Blues Festival?

Joey Laake


La Grange bingkil

Yg ngedislike berarti sahabat dahsyat.

Anda's Journey


Abu nares

Yg dislike kupingnya biasa lagu menye menye

Loh 2ah

Nice :) come tour New Zealand it will be Awesome!


john mayer/SRV playstyle ini mah

bayu firmanda

Awesome, it's too great :)

resha gibran

2019 mana suara nyaa

Epita Pratiwi

HAHAHA. Itu cara belajar gitarnya gimana :') Thumbs up!

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