Perfect Crime
Guns N' Roses Lyrics

Kickin' back in the shadows
Got no need for the light
Who's sorry now old timer
Look at how you've spent your life
Scroungin' for change
To put some money in your pocket
My how scratch does burn
Laughin' at the fuckers as you piss it away

But I got the time and I got the muscle
I got the need to lay it all on the line
I ain't afraid of your smoke screen hustle
It's a perfect crime
God dammit it's a perfect crime
Mother fucker it's a perfect crime

I said it's perfect

An keep the demons down
And drag the skeletons out
I got a blind man followin' me in chains
I said he's fun to watch
When the world has stopped
An I think he's got somethin' to say
"You want to fuck with me? Don't fuck with me
'Cause I'm what you'll be, so don't fuck with me
If you had better sense
You'd step aside from the bad side of me
Don't fuck wit da bad side o' me
Stay way from the bad side o' me
Don't fuck wit da bad side"

T minus 1:09 and counting

Ostracized but that's all right
I was thinkin' about somethin' myself

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight

Call on everybody who's got last rites
Said it's better
If you locked 'em away
Runnin' through the visions
At the speed of light
Won't ya let me be
Mother fucker just let me be
God dammit better let me be
Don't ya know ya better let me aaahh!

Perfect crime
God dammit it's a a perfect crime
Mother fucker it's a perfect crime
Don't ya know it's a perfect crime

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, SUSSMAN & ASSOCIATES, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: W. Axl Rose, Saul Hudson, Duff Rose Mckagan, Izzy Stradlin, Darren A. Reed, Matt Sorum

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Comments from YouTube:


Best hard rock singer of all time. That venomous voice lol


@ctt82 truly. he became very insular for a while there


@PUNKISINTHEDETAILS Axl is indeed a unique voice and a unique character. I am so glad that he still performs.


@ctt82 axl is like the mariah carey of rock. like ir loathe him the technique style and ability is just unmatched. There are other vocalists that are hugely underrated like Joey Ramone or distinctive like David Johansson or just plain unmistakable like Pistols frontman John Lydon but nobody went where Axl has stepped. Before or since. Even Joe Cocker.




That's probably lemmy iggy joey ramone bruce Dickinson Johnny thunders David Johansson stevie nicks steven tyler hetfield johnny rotten but for range and intensity you are probably right I totally get what you are saying. Few can match this technique.

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My Name

The beginning of this song always reminds me of a Faster version of welcome to the jungle.

John Breighner

Here's the thing, Guns N Roses's fast songs always get me pumped up.

Simon Hunter


David Presley

And the song reminds me of. Garden of Eden.

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