Whole Lotta Rosie
Guns N' Roses Lyrics

Wanna tell you a story
'Bout a woman I know
When it comes to lovin'
Oh she steals the show
She ain't exactly pretty
Ain't exactly small
Forty-two, thirty-nine, fifty-six
You could say she's got it all

Never had a woman
Never had a woman like you
Doing all the things
Doing all the things you do
Ain't no fairy story
Ain't no skin and bone
But you give it all you got
Weighing in at nineteen stone

You're a whole lotta woman
A whole lotta woman
Whole lotta Rosie
And you're a whole lotta woman

Oh honey you can do it
Do it to me all night long
Only one to turn
Only one to turn me on
All through the night time
And right around the clock
To my surprise
Rosie never stops

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I love finding hidden gems like this.

l slash

Aguante AC/DC

frank holroyd

This is badass,never heard it before

Robert Wiesler

Absolutely fantastic
Nearly as good as the original

Kilian García

@Bill James You are a miserable son of a bitch

Federico Mazzoncini

@Bill James my ass.


@Robert Wiesler He hates Bon Scott, yet listens to renditions of his music...

Robert Wiesler

@Bill James that was
the most stupid comment
in history

Bill James

The best thing bon scott did was die. This kicks his ass

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Free Chords & the TRUTH

Was at Donnington '88, up the front, in the crush...Awesome, frightening, the real deal, ya just knew it...Years later, I'm trying out for VR on vocals, I tell SLASH I was there - he tells me that Donnington was THE show, the first time they ALL knew they were gonna make it! 🌹

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