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Yeah I'm loungin' I got my man Donald Byrd
I wanna give a big shout out to my little man Miko he's 2 years old
He's away visiting his grandmom but I miss him dearly

Check it out
If I rhyme this you will find this situation shall advance
You could take a glance or dance
Elevator lyrics to arouse the crowd
Now tell me who's the man to show you how
Many legacies of brothers who get busy
And I do it fluid til the suckers get dizzy
Saying peace to the blackbirds 125th street
And check the flow that's unique
For loungin', loungin', mellow out and just loungin'
Loungin', loungin', mellow out and just loungin'

Can't refuse this, never lose this, it's the choice this
'Cause my voice is the smoothest
Dominating to your boys 'cause I've been around doing work
And sold tons of others jerk
Donald Byrd word on the track, quite exact
Giving you the format, Jack
See we gotta pave the way and display
How to loungin', loungin'
Mellow out and just loungin'
Loungin', loungin', mellow out and just loungin'

Peace to the pioneers but I gotta try to clear
My throat, check out what I wrote
You can't tap into this unless you know the roots
Word shoe like life absolute
For real so now you gotta know the deal
For loungin', just loungin', mellow out and just loungin'
Loungin', loungin' mellow out, check it out and loungin'

Loungin', loungin', mellow out and just loungin'
Loungin', loungin', peace to Brooklyn where I live

Realistic, kind of mystic when I kick this
You should witness the slickness
Of the horn player and the dope rhymesayer
Quite emotional and inspirational
Philosophical and yes very logical
Teaching you the method for loungin'

Everybody knows they have times when they wanna just lay back
Kick their feet up, you know
Listen to some good music and just lounge
That's right, I said lounge

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Written by: Keith Elam

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Comments from YouTube:

Darren Mckenzie

Without any Doubt the Best Ever Hip Hop M.C of all time. Truly Missed


This song right here... I'm tellin' to you somethin'. When he blended rap w/ jazz, I was done. It meant the world to me. It just felt right. The music had so much flavor, soul and diversity. I just wish he released more music. I feel like there's not enough.

Darren Mckenzie

Lifesaver. Guru. Another Classic


Rap came from Jazz

Kennydale Kodiak

LaChele 🔥

Not Now


harry bhoy

The greatest hip hop album of all time!

Riz Omar

@J-Boogie Brown haha! ( what is a black star? ) //

Riz Omar

// that's a big call my brother.! Haha. Nothing but love yo!.

This was definitely a pioneering album ( the 1st being Brand New Heavies - Heavy Rhyme Experience ) // Jazzamatazz is definitely in my top 10 - albiet for sentimental reasons. Peace from Sydney AUSTRALIA.

Jackson Gilmore

@J-Boogie Brown There Were No Interludes On Illmatic. There Was Only An Intro And 9 Tracks.

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