Transit Ride
Guru Lyrics

'Watch the closing doors!'

Right now I'm gonna take you for a ride
Hold on tight, so you don't slip or slide
This train is packed, you don't get no seat, yup
You gotta stand on your tired feet
Where we goin' don't worry, you'll be there in a hurry
But you better watch you pockets cause the thieves work quickly
This is a New York transit thing
Don't wear too much gold and hide your diamond rings
And don't smile at anyone
'Cause people out here, they like to travel with handguns
You say you like this trip, well are you sure?
You better step lively, and watch the
Watch the closing doors

'Watch the closing doors!'

Here we go, as we ride, through the underground
Coming from Uptown, taking you downtown
Headed for Brooklyn, Brooklyn the planet
Somebody stinks in here, I hope you can stand it!
Homeless people everywhere holdin' cups for change
And if you don't have none, they may look at you strange
But this is all part of the scene
And yo check those kids 'cause they're startin' to scheme

See them lookin' at you up and down?
Oh yeah they can tell, that you're somebody from out of town
Think they won't harm you? Well they might
And that ain't right, but everyday is like a fight

'Watch the closing doors!'

Ah ah
I can't quit, I gotta do what I must
'Cause I can take you on a ride with the lyrics I bust
'Cause I'm a master, try to diss and I'll blast ya
Any wack MC that steps up, is gettin' plastered
Straight against the wall, 'cause I don't stall
I give em drama and trauma, til they all fall
And for those who don't know, about the city life
It's where we take no pity, and the kiddies are trife
Takin' the train is just part of it
The next stop is Brooklyn, you're comin' to the heart of it
You never know what will occur
So just keep to yourself and watch the closing doors

'Step lively' and uh
'Watch the closing doors!'

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Royalty Network
Written by: Keith Elam

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Is it mines or yours
Me i just explore
The foundation
Corners of flatearth
This nation is evolved
Involved in critically postion
My mission
Is starve negativity and bring positivity
Into reality
Dont be mad at me cuz i use my steez
Im use to unleashing
The rhymes that come
Welcome to the lines you cant cross
As we vibe
Set aside
All the victims in ya life
That maybe a threat
Soon will pay.a price
Dont misjudge
Sudeenly scorching the critics with life
Lyrics that bring hearing to death
And blindness to sight
Call me donwayne

ill put you on
I got beats days
More life for eternity
Im a trojan to this rap
So you get kicked from this ring

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luis gomez

Quien en 2020, sobreviviendo a la pandemia con buenas pistas de este maestro!

Louis W

Real Hiphop

Louis W

@rgw1380rw for show


Louis KINGZ One of the best MC's to ever touch a mic**

Zyzz Shavershian

Top 5 best rappers of All time period


It's kind of crazy how people speak of top 5 MC's, but fail to mention GURU!
GURU has had a hell of a track record for putting out hot music.
I Manifest still goes hard on newer MC's that were discovered many years after that song was released👍😐.


He's much better lyrically than Tupac or biggie IMO

Puff puff Pass 240

A man like my self people are far to fast to forget it real mc

Vow of Silence

``1 agreed º
♡ our nation =

Matthew Adkins

Branford Marsalis played with the Dead in some killer shows.

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