The Choice
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Overall Meaning

As the lyrics to Gustavo Santaolalla's song The Choice are instrumental, there are no specific words to interpret. However, the music itself conveys a strong and emotive message through the combination of melody and harmony. The song begins with a slow and introspective introduction that captures a sense of yearning and contemplation. The main theme of the melody is carried throughout the song by a soft and delicate guitar, supported by a sparse and subtle arrangement of percussion and strings.

The overall feeling of the music is one of reflection and introspection, as if the listener is contemplating a difficult decision or a critical turning point in their life. The slow tempo and fragile phrasing of the guitar evoke a sense of vulnerability and uncertainty, while the gentle harmonies provide a feeling of warmth and comfort.

The Choice is a beautiful and evocative piece of music that speaks to the listener on an emotional level, without the need for lyrics. It is a testament to Gustavo Santaolalla's talent as a musician and composer, and his ability to capture the essence of human emotion through his art.

Line by Line Meaning

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TLOU- Game
"What did you do, Joel?"

....."I saved her"

TLOU-HBO (comparing the game with the tv show)
it makes sense when Ellie reads Bill's letter to Joel that there's one life worth saving for. For Bill, he saved Frank and protected him. For Tess, she saved both Joel and Ellie by surrendering to FEDRA (game) /gave her life to a runner and then detonating the building (hbo).

For Joel, even though he lost everything- Sarah, Tess, Bill and Frank but Joel still has Ellie and that he saves her.

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Hearing this in episode 7 was just 👌


Every time i listening for that song .. i'm crying... This song remind me about my dad... I feel like everything is lost for me ...


Never! Always stay strong because thats what he would of wanted, dont know you but love you, stay strong keeping moving and find something new to fight for❤


When your lost in the darkness, look for the light friend. It will be ok i promiss.


@Mauricio thank you guys... Its just the matter of mood ..




This piece is so incredibly deep


It’s as deep as you wish


I listen to it every day😂


Tommy: What are you doing ?

Joel: Your wife kinda scares me.
I don't want her coming after me.

Ellie (to Tommy): Sorry for stealing your horse.

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