Cold Front
Hammock Lyrics

Now you're so gone
And it's so wrong
Did I know you?
I get lost without you.
Where did you belong?
Now you're all gone

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Comments from YouTube:

Giuseppe Zappia

The final part, when the woman is in the car and the music change into an epic and dramatic section... That's one of the best thing I felt in my life.


@cbp_urbex - Booie Bowers To be honest,im listening this music for only the final part :)

cbp_urbex - Booie Bowers

Giuseppe Giz I’m completely with you there. It’s an amazing piece of music.

Lady Raven

my god , this song expands the emptiness inside me :((


it becomes beautiful at some point

Lucas Moreira Santos

I know. It is not a pleasing felling... at the same time, however, I can't help myself but to come back to listen to it. I do not know how to explain this better...

Alex Machines

I relate to the character she plays on these videos. I feel like just going where she is, and just be with her. "It's gonna be ok" are not words I'm going to say to her, because it will never be ok. People like us never get out of that special hole. Sometimes we feel like we want to, but in the end we are so comfortable feeling like this that we call it our "home". It's dark, but it sure is comfy.

Геннадий Симоненко

I would recommend you to leave those holes. Start to live a new life. To feel that life, to touch it, to share it with nice people. With people who really deserve that. And I'm absolutly sure you have those people near

Alex Machines

@***** Hey, just heard it. I liked it. Thank you.

Alex Machines

Alright, will do as soon as I get a chance :D

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