The Air Between Us
Hammock Lyrics

Why you crying?
I can't wait...
Why you crying?

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Anshu Dhamiwal

You are speaking
But the words don't make any sense
At all
And your hands won't stop their shaking
What is it you tried to say?

Where we are now
Is nowhere
A blue harbor

Bodies floating out to sea beds
All around
People shouting with no voices… when they say
"Let me out!
Wake me up and stop this nightmare!"
Or is it
Something more than what we're seeing
Something more than what it seems

You are speaking
You are here
You are with me

What was it you tried to tell me?
What was it?
What is it you tried to say?
I am here

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Gina Rangel

This is absolute heroine.

Aleksa Ristić

You should check this "Atlas - Onawa" and this "The Chasing Monster - Albatross" and this "Acres - The Tallest of Mountains Instrumental" it may be new dose for you or may not. Try with hq speakers. Poy.


that's the reaction I had first time. Now i've been listening to it almost daily so it's not the same. Should take a break :P


The problem with listening hammock is that I remember things from the past I wanna forget . Hammock touches deep in my soul.


The guitar melody at:037 is so therapeutic .

Nate Seaton

I really hope I meet someone in the near future who has a passion for post rock like I do. So far I haven't met a single one :(

Joseph Ciorra


joseph ciorra

i love this track and i will never grow tired of it, its just so inspirational and the movie i direct in my mind is so beautiful every time because of it.


i have been listening to this since it first came out. still one of my fav albums of all time.


This song can be uplifting or really depressing at times. Depending on the mood or life situation but one thing is certain, it's soooooo relaxing

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