Give Me Rest
Hands Lyrics

Here I sit among the clouds. With nothing but the empty sound. I have seen the light of day. I have seen the water wash the blood away. Is my name in there?Send a smile to my daughter. Tell her everything is fine. And give my wisdom to my brother. Tell him to use it right. And to everyone I've wronged, the thought has never left my mind. You are the end and I am fading. Will I rest with you for all of time? Is my name in there?Give me rest. Tell my wife I adore her. That she is beautiful and kind. Here I sit among the clouds. I was wrong and You were right. Give me rest.

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Ages of Ages

I put this album on at work and after only a few minutes into the first song I started crying. I had to turn it off since I was on the job and had to remain professional. However, on my break I put this back on in my car and immediately starting bursting into tears again. I haven't cried like that in a very long time; it was absolutely what I needed. This album is a masterpiece.


Its a beautiful thing when music touches you like this. You never know when it will happen. Its the most powerful art form. Be thankful you had that moment. You honor the artists' work.

sacred eden

its that good


Amen dude!


For ages, I've been searching for a Christian band that could pull off a similar atmospheric progginess to Devin Townsend without losing the aggressive parts he throws into his work. I just found that band. I can't believe I've missed this album all this time.. I was hooked on the first listen.


@JTPxMETAL Already have, seems they haven't lost it. :)

JTPxMETAL & Hardcore Promotion

be sure to checkout the members' new band Everything In Slow Motion :)

Ondrej Hauser

Somewhere in between some underground scene and mainstream there is a "limbo" space where amazing bands like this dwell and almost nobody even hears about them.And they can sometimes be so amazing like Hands are. It is unknown and VERY unique band. I love it with all it brings. 

sacred eden

its like that

David W. Lowe

Mesmerizing.  Soulful.  Heavy.  Thick.  Rhythmic.  Head bobbing, head banging metal.  Thinking man's metal.  Outstanding and unforgettable.  "The Helix" stands out as one of my favorite songs - ever.  Every song is a sonic explosion of power and feeling.  The band has changed it's name now to "Everything in Slow Motion," so check them out.

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