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My eyes are blinded [repeat 3x's]

Your eyes,your kiss,every little thing that you
ever do,The smile I miss every minute while
I'm away from you.'Cause you're the other
side of my heart I know that we'll never

My eyes are blinded,my heart is waiting for you,
Like a lightning that tears apart my soul,My eyes
blinded my heart is waiting for you no need to
fight it I've never felt so strong

My eyes are blinded[repeat 2x's]

When dream has come leaving me alone with
reality,Look what you've done I depend on you
lose my sanity.'Cause you're the other side of
my heart I hope that we'll never part
My eyes are blinded [repeat 2x's]

[Chorus 2x's]

My eyes are blinded [repeat 2x's]

Contributed by Abigail Y. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Jose Martinez

I never heard this song on the radio. They should put oldies trance back on the radio !

cat_piss_chris_ garcia

Jose Martinez right

Ice Queen

This radio edit actually sounds really good! I like the lyrics + music :)


Fantastic tune! i like so much!

Mario Viscarra

I'm 52 and I love this still!

Facials Club

Geezes!!! Time does fly!!!! Its been ages n still luv diz tune big time....


I love this song, still play my Energy 92 cd all the time!

cat_piss_chris_ garcia

Luv this music and the first time I see no dislikes☺


I wish the radio stations where I live played good music. All we get are top 40 BS, pop and hip hop.

chai latte

Omg energy 92.7 lol

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