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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


In the hotel sequence, the numbers of the two rooms they use are 528, 491 respectively. As such, the password code itself is a combination of 528 - 491.

The most favorable fan theory so far:

528 = 528hz = a famous sound frequency used for meditation to reach mind-healing, comforting, inner peace, harmonization, inner transformation [which are considered as a miracle and a goal in religion] since middle ages. The six notes - 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, and 852hz were used in Gregorian chants.

491 = Matthew 18:22 - Jesus Christ's message of forgiveness ("7 times of forgiving sin is not enough, but at least 70x7 times") 70x7=490 = forgivable sin / sin forgiven. 491 = adding 1 to 490 destructs the perfect state, making it incomplete. / The binary number 0 and 1 can stand for positive and negative, or vice versa - the two extremes. = The number 491 becomes an unforgivable sin / sin unforgiven.

528 + 491 = miracle of healing(being forgiven) the unforgivable sin. = the miracle of Cobb being saved from his own sins (especially to his dead wife Mal) through the journey of the realms of dreams and unconscious

Of course, we never know why Nolan chose the number, but there is just a coincidence.

All comments from YouTube:


This number is stored in my subconscious, for eternity.


When no one knows the code to the vault or bomb, you will.


I got a tattoo of the number ❤


0:49 this is what you came for


The kick




I had the rare opportunity to listen to this on a FULL 3.7kw studio system in a small room with my hand on the volume. with less said, I turned the volumes to "0 db". I'm pretty sure I've permanently damaged my hearing, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


I wished someone would make a slowed version of this song.


500% slower please


I think someone did, search it up

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