Afraid of Time
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I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of time...

Minecraft Hamza

@Pong Dian u mad or what???
Dont do it


Me to

BlackShogun 27

I'm dreadfully aware and scared of time. I can either subconsciously keep sync with the seconds, minutes, hours of the days and watch them pass by but end up acting surprised when a week goes by and so swear it didn't feel like it. But in reality I'm just denying my mind to accept the unforgiving motion of time...

Noah Palm


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Cool thing: The track has 60 bpm. You can watch your clock ticking to the beat of the track.

Ian Davies

A lot of the soundtrack is 60bpm and a lot of the score after leaving earth has a ticking metronome as a constant reminder that time is the antagonist of the movie.
What’s really interesting is that apparently as I haven’t actually worked it out for myself, the piece called mountains when they’re on the water planet is slightly off 60bpm. The ticking pulse is one beat every 1.25 seconds, which works out to every tick being one day on earth time relative to them 🤯
Like I said that apparently. Please work it out and let me know. 😂

Sup E

A lot of tracks here seem to be 60 bpm

Noah Palm

Really cool 😎


bro i just started this and my clock is perfeclty timed

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