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Ron Beck

​@Warrior's World

Ur comment, wuz SHOCKING..... SAD.


If I'da laughed, it would only b, bcause itz da truth.

I'm surprised Hans Zimmer, Composed dis. Soundz like a mo dveloped Phillip Glass Composition, 2 me.

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I'm honored to walk on the same planet as this guy.

Yung Kirk

+ET Phone Home What other planet would he be walking on...?


+MrTwhispers Whatever other planet has human-like species on it, if any.

Edward Kenway

ET Phone Home LoL you said this as if there were other planets with human life


don't take it so literally lol.

Edward Kenway

ET Phone Home yeah, I understood what you meant

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Do you think the musicians playing the instruments could feel what we feel as we are listening to it?

Douglas Akio Ito

It's much more intense

Mia Shaw

Definitely, more in depth too because they are the ones making the music and hearing it ring with every other sound to match beautifully, they’ll feel it just like we do, but even more dramatically ❤️



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