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"We’ve always defined ourselves by the ability to overcome the impossible, 
and we count these moments, 
these moments when we dared to aim higher, 
to break barriers, 
to reach for the stars, 
to make the unknown known — 
we count these moments as our proudest achievements.

But, we lost all that. 

Perhaps we have just forgotten
that we are still pioneers.
And we've barely begun.
And our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us.

That our destiny lies above us."

- Joseph Cooper, former NASA pilot (December 7, 2027)

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The Supreme God of Capitalism

Now I spend hours looking at the night sky only thinking....


Always has been


Pls do checkout my self produced version of Interstellar theme!

Imam Mustofa

Damn me too, thinking about how beautiful this universe,

Charlie He

There is a fundamental reason for that, and we know it deep inside. You feel a longing and wonder when you look toward the heavens and the cosmos because the very molecules, every atom of your body was forged millions, billions of years ago in the cores of dying stars. It's the same feeling you get when you look out across the ocean. You get that feeling because, encoded in our DNA, is a gene that knows it originated in the sea, where life first began. You are not alone in this Universe.

Howdy Lord Silverfish

I was kida thinking about the fact that universe is so big that there is an odd that there is an exact copy of you somewhere else in the universe. and with that size there is one in every direction. Somewhere out there you are looking at yourself

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C-S featured

If only every big nation on Earth spent the amount of money and effort they spend on wars and political bullshit into of understanding the skies and voyaging the cosmos...

Owen Ryan

@alireza shams lmao,

alireza shams

where are you from?


At the End of the Movie i looked at my friend we both were crying and we knew that this was the best Movie we have ever seen ! 

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