Deliver Us
Hans Zimmer Lyrics

D'la boue... du sable... de l'eau...
De la paille... plus vite
D'la boue... levez... du sable et tirez...
De l'eau et soulevez... de la paille... plus vite
Du coup d'fouet dans le dos, je sens la morsure
De la sueur dans les yeux, je sens la brûlure
Elohim, Dieu du ciel
Entends-tu? Ton peuple appelle
Au secours
En ces jours lourds

Seigneur Dieu, délivre-nous
Roi des cieux en ce désert
Tes enfants agonissent
Tu nous a promis une terre
Délivre-nous sur la Terre Promise

Yaldi hatov veh hara
Altira veh altif chad
Mon fils, je n'ai rien à te donner
Sauf cette chance de vivre
J'espère te retrouver, si Dieu nous

Nous paierons
Nous mourons de ces années
A vivre sous leur joug
Si tu as une terre pour nous
De leur emprise
Et conduis-nous sur la Terre Promise

Tais- toi, mon bébé
Sois sage, ne pleure pas
Dors, bercé par le fleuve sacré
Dors mais n'oublie pas
Mon dernier chant d'amour
Je s'rai dans ton coeur pour toujours

Fleuve, ô Fleuve
Emporte-le pour moi
Ce chargement si précieux
Là où il vivra
Libre et heureux
Fleuve, conduis-le là- bas

P'tit frère, tu es sauvé
Tu dois le rester
Pour exaucer mon voeu en retour
Grandis, mon p'tit frère
Reviens un jour
Pour nous sauver à ton tour

Envoie un guide pour nous guider
Et pour nous conduire
Sur la Terre Promise

Délivre-nous sur la Terre Promise


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Regulus AHAYAH 'Bath Kol' & Garden of Eden



I've love this movie since childhood. I come back over year during the 7 day Passover and sometimes during Sabbath to listening to this sound track.

Deliver my favorite still tco this day.

Thank you for sharing.

~Shabbat Shalom~

Lorcan Maneely

God could have created us without original sin, in a perfect world, and have killed the devil, and stopped all wars and famines, or even just created humanity in heaven first.

He chose not to. Why? Only God knows. Does that make him cruel, uncaring or evil? Of course not. Ultimately God respects the ability of his creatures to make choices of free will in obedience or disobedience. That is why we have so much war and murder. That is why he permitted humanity to fall through temptation. That he is why he does kill the devil. This does not make him callous or unfeeling. It is the opposite, it is the surest sign of God's love.

Because ultimately God wants us to make a free, willing and conscious act of love to God. He wants us to acknowledge him as Lord, and for that perfect communion of love to exist between creator and creature. That is why we suffer in life. That is why the world is a terrible and cruel place. That is why until the moment we die, the devil will assault us with every vice. Because through all of that, the love of God shines through and his glory conquers, and every act of love to God is incomparably more precious than an act we are forced to give.

You say you'll wait until you get an obvious sign. There are many miraculous happenings throughout history; if you want one personally tailor made to your sensibilities, it would show you want God to acknowledge you rather than you acknowledging God. But seeing a God's work at hand, understanding God and believing in God is not how it works.

You must believe first in God to understand him, When you understand him, you begin to see his work at hand at all times, in all places.

We will suffer in life. We suffer every day. But I see through the illusion of comfort the world offers and see that what the world offers is as hollow and fleeting as the life spent chasing it. If God causes you to suffer, pray for strength before praying for the suffering to end. God is not blind to us. He is not cruel. He loves us and understands us better than we do ourselves, but sometimes his gifts are bitter not sweet. We give glory to God regardless. For what is our suffering compared to Christ who was blameless and died for the world's sins, who was put on a cross by the very people he was sent to save?

Thais Caetano

Mud and lift
Sand and pull
Water and raise up
Feel the sting of the whip on my shoulder
With the salt of my sweat on my brow
Elohim, Adonai, can you hear your people cry?
Help us now
This dark hour, deliver us
Hear our call, deliver us
Lord of all remember us, here in this burning sand
Deliver us, there's a land you promised us
Deliver us to the promised land
Eldihato vera
Ahatira vertiva
My son, I have nothing I can give
But this chance that you may live
I pray we'll meet again if he wil deliver us
Deliver us
Hear our prayer, deliver us
From despair, These years of slavery grow too cruel to stand
Deliver us, there's a land you promised us
Deliver us out of bondage and
Deliver us to the promised land
Hush now, my baby, be still now, don't cry
Sleep as you're rocked by the stream
Sleep and remember my last lullaby
So I'll be with you when you dream
River, oh river, flow gently for me
Such precious cargo you bear
Do you know somewhere he can be free?
River, deliver him there
Brother, you're safe now, and safe may you stay
For I have a prayer just for you
Grow, baby brother, come back someday
Come and deliver us too
Deliver us, send a shepherd to shepherd us
And deliver us to the promised land
Deliver us to the promised land
Deliver us


mother: river oh river! flow gently for me! such precious cargo you carry!

mosus: goo goo gah gah

crocodile: ima ruin this whole mans career

hippos: ima do whats called a pro gamer move.

egyptian boats: FISH

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Tyler Neumann

Can you imagine if DreamWorks did more Biblical movies like this again?


I see a lot of potential in Esther or Ezra, very cinematic stories with truly epic scales.

Miguel Flores

I know right? I'm still waiting for a King David movie or an animated retelling of Ben-Hur that does the original justice.

Raven Faith

@Gandalf LOTR bible lore finally

Jackson Rushing

That was the plan, but this film was too good. They just couldn't find a way to match, much less top it.


Didnt they do Joseph King of Dreams

65 More Replies...

Colden Fell

When Dreamworks truly rivaled Disney


@Trinae Rose ooo


@Trinae Rose iooo


For real! They used to be great!

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