Half Remembered Dream
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One of the best Movie in the world.


Hans Zimmer pioneered the use of abrasive horn sounds and every blockbuster uses it now.


took it as compliment




The doors are all crooked, the light has slipped out of sight, the curtains have opened at the time of the hour. A tunnel cut along the edges, a train that derails in the middle of the avenue. Other soldiers came in a file, lucid dreams overflowing with lives. The space was built in parts that met in the forgotten reality. The unconscious was swirling in chaos towards the temporarily dormant original order. He welcomed everything he said in the ropes reception and left without saying goodbye. And it was so beautiful and formless in the conception of life that there was nothing abnormal about it; It was enough to recognize the phenomenal nature that follows without known origin.


Nice poem! Is this original? In trying to source it, I came across E. A. Poe's "A dream within a dream" which I had never read before.


@@eugienepeters1608thanks. I have written It by myself, inspired by this song.




When is a CD reissue?


Hans Zimmer Isolated Score Half Remembered Dream 😴 (Unused)

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