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Where did you get that?
On your feet!

Overall Meaning

The lyrics "Where did you get that? On your feet!" are part of Hans Zimmer's song "He's a Pirate." The song was originally composed as part of the soundtrack for the 2003 film "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl."

The lyrics themselves may seem brief and somewhat cryptic, but they are actually part of a larger musical narrative. "He's a Pirate" is essentially a high-energy action theme, meant to accompany scenes of swashbuckling adventure and daring escapades. The song itself is composed in a rousing, up-tempo 6/8 time signature, with pounding percussion and soaring orchestral melodies.

In the context of the film, the lyrics "Where did you get that?" and "On your feet!" may be spoken by one character to another, as they prepare to engage in combat or some other daring feat. The first line could be a question about a particular piece of equipment (a weapon, perhaps), while the second line instructs the other character to physically prepare themselves for action.

Overall, the lyrics to "He's a Pirate" are just one small part of a larger musical tapestry. They work in conjunction with the rest of the song to create a sense of urgency, energy, and excitement.

Line by Line Meaning

Where did you get that?
Please kindly reveal to me where you obtained that item in your possession.

On your feet!
Please stand up and prepare yourself for what's to come.

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