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"I am told you refuse to offer the sacrifice ordered by Emperor Licinius."
"We will not sacrifice. To do so is to betray our holy faith."
"Consider--you alone of Caesar's troops defy him! Think of the disgrace you bring upon your legion. How can you do it?"
"To disgrace the name of our Lord Jesus Christ is more terrible still."
"Give up this stubborn folly. You have no lord but Caesar! In his name, I promise promotion to the first of you who steps forward and does his duty."
"Nothing you can offer us would replace what we would lose in the next world. As for your threats--we've learned to deny our bodies where the welfare of our souls is at stake."
"Flog them. Take them down to the pond, You will stand naked on the ice until you agree to sacrifice to the gods."
"We are soldiers of the Lord and fear no hardship. What is our death but entrance into eternal life?"
"Sing It, Brothers!"
Striking up a song, the men marched onto the frozen pond.
"Heat baths of warm water, Place them around the pond. That ought to lure them out pretty quickly,"
"Lord, there are forty of us engaged in this battle; grant that forty may be crowned and not one be missing from this sacred number."
"Don't you see them? Spirits...hovering with golden crowns over those fellows heads, holding out rich robes for them!"
"Are you out of your mind? It's pitch black. Hey! There's someone coming! It's one of them."
Babbling, one of the forty crawled toward them from the ice. The two ran forward, grasped his shuddering arms and helped him into a bath. But the heat was too much of a shock to his frozen system. He went into convulsions and died.
The guard who had seen the vision of crowns, without delay, shucked off his clothes and ran onto the ice. The martyrs would be forty again!
When the sun rose, Agricola was told that the forty were dead.

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Nick Kits

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fun fact: nobody cares, nobody gives a fuck. we are here just to listen to "honor him". we dont care, thank you :)

Mark Fall

Beware the false prophet (profit?) 🙏

Rex. Georg III

@Gamer Taboritsky lol


that happens when random normie gets views

Théophile Orliac

@Gamer Taboritsky didn't it work though ?

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People who disliked will understand one day...
But not yet, not yet...


They are all just pissed that Maximimus didn´t share what he told his wife in the afterlife.

Dylan Belven

Not yet not yet yes they will one day !!!!

Bulten VG

Yoyo Ro But it certainly does fit someone like Maximus Decimus Meridius, especially if you want to honor him

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