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To everyone doing their homework, breathe slowly, take a sip of water, and focus.

To everyone who is trying to sleep, leave the chat, grab a blanket, and get the rest you deserve.

To everyone who is sad, grab a snack, have some water, get a blanket, and write down your thoughts. When you're done, lay down and get some rest, no matter the time.

To everyone who is creating, you got this. Your creation looks terrific. Remain in your flow and get stuff done!

To all those gym bro's out there, idk if ur going to gym because you wanna get stronger or cause a girl left u behind, but.... Just know that you arent the only one. Keep grinding and be sure to stay positive. Everything will fall into place out there one day just have some faith in it ;)


Interstellar was released on November 6, 2014, which was exactly 3,474 days ago. 1 day on Earth is 1.25 seconds on Miller's planet.
That means 3,474 * 1.25 = 4,342.5 seconds. And that equals 72.4 minutes.

This formula can be used multiple times.
Days since Interstellar = Y
Earth 1 day on Miller's planet = 1.25

Y * 1.25 = X
X / 60 = resulting time in minutes


"It was me Murph, I was your ghost"

"I know, People didn't believe me, they thought I was doing it all myself, but I knew who it was.
Nobody believed me, but I knew you'd come back"


"Because my dad promised me"

With this music, what a powerful movie

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-Born too late to explore earth.
-Born too early to explore space.
-Born just in time to witness this masterpiece of a movie.


Makes everyone who thinks this time sucks think more


You have the whole sea to explore but the only thing is left is will


Plenty of earth left to explore.


@@zhenyuxia7849 idk about that it’s the oceans now


@Alexander Pate 😂

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One of my life regrets is not watching this movie at the cinema.


Me toooooooo =(


I watched this in the theater on my birthday


I remember I bunked my whole day at the school to go and watch this masterpiece at the theatre. Damn already been 5 years.❤️

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