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this scene really captures the quietness yet the epic vibe of space, easily one of the best space scene ever put on film


DRGIZMO29 I 100% agree with you.


If anyone here has never felt what true lonliness feels like this song is the closest anything has ever come




it fits so well.
very keenly gives you a feeling of emptiness to simulate how vast and empty space is.
the long silences between the notes, to remind us of the lack of sound through the vacuum of space.
yet the odd beauty of the notes. reminding us of the excitement and curiosities we have for space exploration.
while still being somewhat emotional, displaying that these explorers have left behind everything they knew, and there was a possibility of never seeing the faces of the ones they love ever again.
truly a masterpiece from Hans Zimmer and Christopher Nolan on this film.
An absolute favorite.


The score is amazing as an early morning alarm clock (5:45AM for me). It gently wakes you up and makes you feel like you're floating in space....


lol kudos to u, this could never wake me up


​@@inko_lortrue. Ill keep dreaming


Best film and best soundtrack I've ever seen and heard in my life.


A cena orbitando Saturno é uma das mais incríveis da história do cinema.

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