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Ronald P. Vincent

I saw that too, but it's wrong.

7 years on earth = 1 hour on water planet
5,283,532,800 seconds on E = 3600 seconds on WP

Clock tick is 48 bpm not 60. 60 bpm is 1 second, so 48 is .8 seconds.
3600x = (5,283,532,800)(.8)

X=1,174,118.4 seconds per click = 19,568.64 minutes = 326.144 hours  =

13.589 days

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Justin Fleagle

Reasons why Interstellar is more scary than any horror film:
1) it's realistic.
2) it shows how fragile each of us are.
3) it shows us that the universe is vast and unforgiving.
4) it makes us feel like we cannot change because everything is inevitable.
5) we realize we are the thin paper between the harsh reality and loved ones.
6) music.

Nishant patel

@Cyron Who knows bro???

Omar Baba

@Cyron well it’s one of the only sci-fi movies that accurately shows there’s no sound in space


Realistic? Not even close.
But even more so, this movie hardly even begins to give the scope of just her vast and unforgiving the universe REALLY is.


@Moon black hole is realistic


@Rodney Jean Baptiste that’s way less realistic. You can’t be flung in a random direction in space in unless you propelled yourself that way with a rocket. Also satellites move at 23 times the speed of sound, not like 150 mph. Looks aren’t what realism is.

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"Those aren't mountains, those are waves."

good day isn't it

🌊 mountains



Evan Chairez

Heart dropped when that happend

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