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0:29 When you have to do you math homework and arrive at school

1:00 when you’re in the period before math doing maths homework

1:25 when it’s math and you need to do math home homework

1:55 When the teacher is collecting the homework you haven’t done

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For all the horror movies that are dedicated to scaring the audience with cheap thrills and jump scares of ghosts, zombies, beasts or whatever, I have never been so terrified watching a movie as when you get a view of the colossal tidal wave as this music kicks in. There is no greater source of terror than mother nature when she gets serious on your puny 6ft ass.

Tony Stark

Not all horror are rely on jumpscares or ghost there are many movies that have no ghost or jumpscare but are scary like Don't Breathe and hereditary

jonathan jonathan

gulps in 5'4


Straight facts.


i just wanna be in history books
you can skip this reply


Two of the scariest things are the unknown and the inevitable. This one's the latter.

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have you noticed how the orchestra fades in and out

like waves

Abhi Majhi

That's why he's Hans Zimmer


@zicrowave are you good?

Kavitha Sadayappan

I seeeeeeee no no I hearrrrrr

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