My Only
Hans Zimmer Lyrics

My only mate
My only one
My only
My only mate
My only love
My only

There was a time that a long ago
I only have myself
I wasn't lonely
I dance alone
And there was no one else
Share the stars with me to day
And I have me
Only mate was only in my dreams

Only mate
Only world
My only
My only mate
My only love
My only

Marry kiss
And the feels will be
That no mine
You're for me forever

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Luke passionately swung his lightsaber, fiercely chipping away the guard of a defending Vader. And finally, one swift cut to the right arm of the Sith Lord, revenging the same harm Vader did him in their previous duel. Vader fell onto his back, crippled into a defensive position as those whom he had defeated and slain.
"Good. Your hate has made you powerful." The sneer of the Emperor comes from the darkness as he appears enlightened and satisfied of the outcome of a sadistic duel between a father and a son.
"Now. Fulfill your destiny, and take your father's place at my side." Continued the Emperor, riddled with scorn and deception, tempting the young Skywalker to convert into the dark side.
Luke paused, and took a brief glance into his prosthetic hand, and into the arm of the man he just hacked away. Realized that his callous rage and contempt has taken over him, leading him down a path the same as the defeated Sith Lord.
"Never." Luke replied. Seeing through the iron mask of the Sith Lord who fell under the fury of his lightsaber is naught but a broken, weary, regretful old man.
"I will never, turn to the dark side." Luke tossed away his lightsaber. Showing his resolve of peace and righteousness.
"Then you will be destroyed!" Disappointed and disgusted at the unwavering resolution of the young Jedi, the Emperor shoots out a bolt of force lightning. Electrocuting and paralyzing Luke from his head to the tip of his toe, Luke fell onto the ground, tormented by the relentless shocks throughout his body.
Unable to witness the torture of his son, Vader turns his back away from the savage cruelty. The chamber is echoed with the mix of sinister laughter of the emperor and the cries of the young Skywalker.
"Father. Please.... Help me!" Luke pleads in agony, hoping to get his father's attention one last time. His eyes turn bloodshot red, his veins fried, and started to form from his skin, and there's blood dripping down his nostril.
"No...... " Vader stands facing away from Skywalker, hesitantly speaking to himself, and slowly clenching his fist tight.
"NOT MY SON!!" Vader roared and unleashes the force of a neutron star, pushing the Emperor's force lightning backwards, tearing off the interiors of the ship with the sheer wrath and will of a father protecting his son.
The chamber of the Emperor rends in a vortex of the force and lightning, wall plating, energy generators, iron railings, all ripped off from their base and tornadoes in the clash of the ultimate good and evil. A man, who was born a Tatooine slave, raised a Jedi servant, made a Sith prisoner, is no longer shackled by his doubts and regret, and fueled by the love and hope from his son, releases his unrestricted power of the force as foretold in the prophecy, ferociously pushing into the lightning of the Emperor. Both greatest force users of their time, engaged in a force wrestle, and slowly advanced into a form of physical wrestle where both their hands locked into each other's.
The struggle of the force is so immense in the chamber, it starts disintegrating metal objects, the Emperor's robe, and Vader's cape. Unwilling to give into each other, their feet sunk into the iron floor of the chamber with the crushing mass of the force. While dear Luke proning on the floor of the chamber, striving for his best not to be blown away by the force cyclone. Despite Vader's best effort, the minor sparks of the force lightning slipped through his grasp, frying the circuitry of the life support in his armor. It is a handicap the Emperor bestowed on Vader, knowing and fearing his unrivaled potential in the force, for giving the Emperor an upperhand in a force duel. As the life support system and his lungs starts frying, Vader started coughing up blood through the creaks of his mask. Vader lunges with his other prosthetic arm before it fries, with a dying grip, grabs onto the neck of the Emperor, and lifts him above his head.
"Vader! You DARE?!" The Emperor releases one last death rattle, holding onto his pitiful life at the grasp of the towering iron menace.
"My name..... is Anakin Skywalker!" Said the man inside the armor, now with his natural sky blue-colored eye, exposed from the partially cracked helmet. With the strength and determination inspired by the people who once saw the good in him, cared for him, believed in him, and died for him; The returned Jedi hurled the vile dictator into the bottomless chasm, forever casting the darkness back to where it belonged.
For fear leads to anger, anger breeds hate, and hate creates suffering. But love, outlasts all.

keanop Arsenal

Darth Vader:
A man who lost his Home
A man who lost his mom
A man who lost his Master.
A man who lost his support
a man who lost his hope
A Man who suffered
But a man that did not lose his Son.

May the Force be with you, Anakin/Darth Vader. Always.

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Obi Wan Kenobi

“It’s not my fault.”

“Your focus determines your reality.”

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

“Somebody has to save our skins.”

“In my experience there is no such thing as luck.”

“I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

“It’s a trap!”

“So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”

“Your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them.”

“Never tell me the odds.”

“Mind tricks don’t work on me.”

“Great, kid. Don’t get cocky.”

“Stay on target.”

“This is a new day, a new beginning.”

Star Wars has given some of the best lines in the Universe as we know it. We just don't appreciate them..

Taylor Berry

[black screen]
[desert of Tatooine, tilting slowly to the right]
C'Baoth (VOICEOVER): History... It's changed...
[change to desert of Jakku, tilting up from the left]
C'Baoth (VOICEOVER): Truth...has become myth...Legend.
(desert scene. close on Jaina Solo, forced to one knee, desperation in her eyes. Saber locked with Rey, looming over her, arrogant hatred on her face. The saber is forced closer and closer to Jaina, who bows her head)
C'Baoth (VOICEOVER): Those who made our reality...unmade.
(a flash of red, cut to black)
Jaina, no longer engaged, is kneeling on the ground, exhausted. A black gloved hand reaches towards her from offscreen. She looks up, shocked)
Camera over Jaina's shoulder as she is helped to her feet. Her savior is revealed to be Darth Caedus. During Voiceover, cut to distant shot of Jaina supported by Caedus, looking out over the ruins of Jakku's star destroyer.)
Darth Caedus(VOICEOVER): It's not about the Light or the Dark, not anymore!...It's about our reality...or theirs.
(interior, dim, Imperial Star Destroyer. Jagged Fel stands beside an angry looking Garm Bel Idris.)
Jagged: You seriously think we can do this?
(same area, different perspective. LEGENDS Jedi Master Skywalker stands with his hands clasped behind his back.)
LEGENDS Luke: Yes, we can. With a little help.
(dark, open space. A cloaked figure emerges from the darkness, and ignites two aqua blue lightsabers.
LEGENDS Luke (VOICEOVER): There are other realities...
(The hooded figure looks up, revealing himself to be Starkiller.)
(single shot of a wall being battered in by Durge, gripping Cad Bane, unconscious.)
(Interior starship. Flashing red warning lights are interspersed with arcs of electric discharge. The Grand Inquisitor stands with lightsaber ignited, flanked by Seventh Sister and Ninth Sister, lightsabers also ignited.)
(off to the side shot, with Inquisitors lightsaber beam only just in frame right. hallway they face is darkened, but a quick arc of lightning reveals three figures in the dark. Three lightsabers ignite in the dark. A yellow double-beamed lightsaber illuminates it's wielder: Bastila Shan. A blue blade reveals Kyle Katarn, and a green blade illuminates Cade Skywalker.
Cal Kestis (VOICEOVER): It's you or me!
sunset-lit forest on Tython. Distant shot of Starkiller and Cal Kestis circling each other, lightsabers ignited. close up on Kestis, looking distressed.)
Cal Kestis: We can't both exist!
(close up on a shocked Ezra Bridger illuminated by his lightsaber. Cut to his perspective of a mural showing scenes of Yuuzhan Vong brutality, and events from the Swarm War)
(music pauses. Geonosis wasteland at midday is shown. Camera is slightly above and behind several LEGENDS Jedi. Facing them in the distance are indistinct forces of the First Order and Resistance. General Grievous is strutting towards the LEGENDS forces with lightsabers ignited)
Grievous: Jedi scum! I shall deal with all of you my-"
(Grievous is crushed from above by 2D Grievous, who stands, cloaked, and glaring at the LEGENDS Jedi. Starkiller steps forward, just over a foot away from him. close up shot of them eye to eye. Close up shot of starkiller's face over Grievous shoulder, as Starkiller nods towards the CANON forces.
Starkiller: Enemy's that way.
(close up on 2D Grievous' eyes. He is heard growling. Cut to close shot from behind 2D Grievous. He whips around, flares out his cape, and his metal armor shuffles and realigns as he activates his own lightsabers. Cut to instantaneous one shot close-up of Rey "ugly crying")
(Music resumes. Lightning crackles across a dark clouded sky. On a small red platform, slow motion shot of Darth Bane charging with his lightsaber ignited to meet the charge of Kylo Ren.)
(Sunrise sky, unknown planet. The Millenium Falcon flies into frame, going away from the camera. smoke is rising from several spots of battle damage. The Falcon executes a turn, heading back the way it came, at an angle to the camera. It is joined rapidly by the Ebon Hawk, Rogue Shadow, Lightning Rod, Ravens Claw, Mynock, and Adi Gallia's Aethersprite starfighter alongside the Lok Revenants. The Camera follows them as the streak towards a massive Resistance fleet let by the Razor Crest, Stinger Mantis, Ghost and Fireball)
(Star destroyer hull, exterior. Profile shot of LEGENDS Luke Skywalker furiously dueling CANON Luke Skywalker.
Darth Vader (VOICEOVER): The Force will be with us.
(exterior shot of the ruins of Korriban at dusk. slow pan up to reveal the Death Star in orbit. Begin slow fade to black.
(A hooded figure emerges from the dark. She lifts her head to reveal the face of Kathleen Kennedy, looking directly into camera)
Kathleen Kennedy (VOICEOVER): The mine.
(Kathleen Kennedy smiles, and the smile grows further, until it's too wide, too far up the sides of her face for any human to be capable of, hinting at the truth, which is: Kennedy is actually Abeloth, who, near death, found an incredibly powerful locus of the Force, and used it to rewrite history, changing the events and heroes that would lead to her death, creating a timeline where no one was remotely powerful enough to oppose her eventual rule)
(Immediate cut to black. Title: STAR WARS: REALITY'S END. display credits)
End of trailer.

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Samuel Kim Music

30 Minute Epic Force Theme Mix is available now.

Janouk Holtslag


Jonas Mathias

@Riley Harrison cool! Took like 20 minutes but it reallyworked!!


This was so awesome! I heard time from inception in there that was a great idea


Can I use your music for a movie Mr Samuel kim


How do u do this stuff man

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Captain Jack

Also thank you so much for the 30 minute version of "The Rise of Skywalker" trailer music, simply fantastic!


@Ace P1zza *Captain Sparrow and I like the "ace" in your name

Ace P1zza

Ah Mr Sparrow

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This is the last place I thought I'd see captain Jack in the comments

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