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Now we're free

The West, we'll regain
But not yet
Not yet

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of the song "Not Yet" by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard are simple, yet powerful. The phrase "Now we're free" suggests a sense of liberation and independence, indicating that a struggle or oppression has been overcome. It implies that the singer has achieved freedom and has the ability to pursue their own desires and dreams.

However, the following lines, "The West, we'll regain, But not yet, Not yet," introduce a contrasting tone. These lyrics bring the listener back to reality, reminding them that although freedom may have been attained, there are still hurdles to overcome. The mention of regaining the West indicates that there is still a journey ahead, possibly symbolizing the need to achieve other goals or conquer new challenges.

The repetition of "Not yet, Not yet" emphasizes the idea that the journey to ultimate fulfillment or success is ongoing. It suggests that while progress has been made, there is still more to be done before reaching the desired destination. The lyrics can be interpreted as a call for patience, determination, and perseverance, acknowledging that true fulfillment may take time and effort.

Line by Line Meaning

Now we're free
At this moment, we have achieved liberation and are no longer bound by constraints or limitations.

The West, we'll regain
We will reclaim the lands of the Western region that once belonged to us, which may have been lost or taken away.

But not yet
However, the time for reclaiming the West has not yet arrived. We must exercise patience and bide our time.

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Written by: Klaus Badelt, Lisa Germaine Gerrard

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