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Angel Alvarez

Will Turner: You stay away from Jack! Leave the sea forever. You have to stop acting like a...
Henry: A pirate? I won't stop. I want you to come home.
(the Dutchman starts sinking back into the sea)
Will Turner: Henry. I'm sorry. My curse will never be broken.(takes off his necklace)
Will Turner: This is my fate.(places the necklace in Henry's hands)
Will Turner: You must let me go.
Henry: Father?
(reaches out to gently touch Henry's face)
Will Turner: I love you, son.

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Dead Men tell no tales was great not as great as the previous movies but still.

ich ohne

the first and the last scene were okay but the rest-

Henry ESJ

@Natalie Turner me too


the 5th movie is sooo damn underrated!!!

Natalie Turner

If you ask me my friend the best of pirates of the Carribbean movie was at world's end!!!👌👌☝️

Henry ESJ

@MurderBot1994 Gaming true

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Eduardo Gonzalez

Hans zimmer deserves a vip entrance to heaven

Oscar Grosjean

With his music in the background

Bon Bon


Nick V

This song is pretty much for the people getting a VIP entrance to heaven

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