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This score tells the whole movie. Paradox…. If you listen to it closely Hans added this for a reason. You may barely even notice it. But this is the most important track for the whole entire film. Have to listen closely. Especially the first 50 seconds


Enlighten us


How does it tell the whole movie? It's pretty insignificant compared to the other songs from the movie

Desmond Miles

Maybe not the whole film, but I do see how this is a bit of a microcosm for how things tend to go for Cobb. He has a dream about his children that is serene with the time notes... and coming back to some sort of consciousness, melancholy as he cannot reach it, yet he inevitably finds himself pulled deeper into his dream infiltrations to confront a darker truth, and unfinished business. Will he repeat the same mistakes, and get lost, or has does he approach with new experiences to a better outcome, and wake up to a different consciousness?

Oswald That Ends Wald

How Hans Zimmer managed to win two Oscars is beyond me.


Main reason being he isn't you.

liz lemon

this masterpiece

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