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chen peiliang

I just realized something about this track... Call me crazy but I can hear this thing breath.

It sounds like breath. The Doo Dong, Doo Dong.. Inhale, Exhale, inhale, exhale.
Its sounds like a newborn, a new life, a new hope, struggling to get air, to survive, fighting each second to embrace this new world, a beautiful but yet crual world.

But I can also hear this thing dying. Like the last couple breaths of sth, someone on their death bed. Last minutes of their heartbeat. The last moments of their existence.
It sounds like they struggle getting their last breath.
Inhaling and exhaling so forcefully but yet, so peacefully.
I hear so much regret but yet, so accomplished, fulfilled.

The track makes me feel so many things in so many different ways, from love to hope, from ambition to emptiness of space and the loneliness of entire human existence.
I hear despair but yet... so hopeful. It feels so divine but yet, so cruel.

At night it makes me travel among galaxies, black holes, white dwarfs and supernova. Imagining whole new possibilities. Also knowing we might never be able to see them with our own eyes.
This feels almost like transcencedance.

It sounds like the unconditional love of a grant parent, mother, father for his/her child.

It sounds like some life form is shouting in the darkness, emptiness of space and time, calling for help.

I can picture endurance shining as a tiny singular point, sparkling through the darkness, carrying on despair, searching for hope, praying for divinity.

This makes me feel so tiny, so insignificant in the grand scheme of things.
Yet this keeps me humble, conscious. Because at the scale of the universe, nothing really matters.

Nothing. really. matters.

Not your car, your house, your spouse, your love, your friends. nothing.

It reminds me that everything that came into existence, will eventually go out of existence. At anytime, with anything around you, or even... you. That we should appreciate each Doo Dong (breath) we have. because when this "uni" (only) "verse" (song) ends, so does life, our entire existence. Memories, stories, experiences, people we know, we touched, we loved.

Each Doo Dong sounds like the tick of a clock. Counting each second that goes by.

Each Doo Dong sounds like an up and down... just like a cycle, a waaaave.

Just like 1 and 0, like a signal sent by someone else, maybe even from another galaxy.


Life is strange is it not?

You wake up everyday not knowing what’s in store.

You go to sleep only to journey yet again.

Our universe is so vast and yet it is so detailed.

Everything has a story, including you.

You may not be the first person to exist.

You definitely won’t be the last.

But you are the only you that exists.

You’re unique from everyone else in your own special way.

Life is a journey.

You will hit many bumps along the way.

But you’ll keep moving on.

As cheesy as it sounds its not the destination that matters, it’s the journey.

That’s what makes life so wonderful.

The good and the bad moments we go through.

The people we meet.

The places we go.

And the goals we accomplish.

It shows how incredible we can be and what we can do if we keep pushing on.

If we keep on living.

If you keep being you.

So life may be strange but it’s also very beautiful and you are a part of it.

So live your life the way you want to.

Do what you wanna do.

Be who you wanna be.

Just be you and never stop being you.

So don’t cry.

Keep pushing on.

And smile for all of the universe to see!

So I wish you the best on your journey through this strange thing we call life.

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Adam Chellal

Biggest mistake of my life not watching interstellar at cinema .


Yes me 2.. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Poggers guy

IMAX theaters play old movies

Adam Chellal

@Марат Plant no Russian sorry

Марат Plant

Смотрел дважды в кинотеатре.

Shmavster 420


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Amado Sopino

Born too late to explore earth, born too early to explore space.

Charlie Bamford

@The Invisible Child but the oceans are boring

Riwan Jc

South America, Central Africa, and middle of Australia are partially unexplored : if you are searching to discover something lot of place are still possible in the world. Don't take earth like an full-explored world.

Soham Acharya


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