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Model Citizen


I don’t fear the unknown
Because I am the unknown
I don’t fear darkness
Because I am darkness
I don’t fear the enemy
Because I am the enemy
I don’t fear evil
Because I am evil
I don’t fear
I am

Yours Truly - Model Citizen

FNC Silvio

For Other : Nice song

For me : "The unicorn, almost blurring in the thickening fog, screamed, hit its hoof, and swung its head and horn several times as if pointing at something. Triss looked. Under the canopy of overhanging willow branches, she saw a dark shape in the water. It was a boat.
The unicorn pointed the corner once more. And he began to disappear quickly into the fog.
Kelpie, said Ciri. - Go with him.
Kelpie snored. She shook her head. She obediently followed the unicorn. Horseshoes rattled on the pavement for a moment. Then the sound stopped abruptly. As if the mare had fled, vanished, dematerialized.
The boat was right on the shore, and when the fog cleared, Triss could see it clearly. It was a crude barge, as clumsy and square as a great pig's trough.
Help me, said Ciri. Her voice was firm and firm.
At first, no one knew what the girl meant, what kind of help she wanted. Dandelion saw it first. Maybe because he knew the legend, that he had read one of its poetic versions at one time. He picked up still unconscious Yennefer. He was surprised at how small and light she was. He would have sworn someone was helping him carry it. He could have sworn he could feel Cahir's shoulder beside his shoulder. The corner of his eye caught the glimpse of Milva's tawny braid. When he put the sorceress in the boat, he would have sworn that he saw Angouleme's hands supporting the side.
The dwarves raised the witcher, and Triss helped them by supporting his head. Yarpen Zigrin blinked his eyes as he saw both Dahlberg brothers for a second. Zoltan Chivay would have sworn that Caleb Stratton helped him lay the witcher in the boat. Triss Merigold would give her head that she could smell the perfume of Lytty Neyd, nicknamed Coral. And for a moment she saw the bright yellow-green eyes of Coën of Kaer Morhen amid the fog.
Such were the pranks that the fog played on the senses, the dense fog above Lake Eskalott.
Ready, Ciri, the sorceress said hollowly. - Your boat is waiting.
Ciri pushed her hair from her forehead and sniffed.
"Apologize to the ladies of Montecalvo, Triss," she said. - But it cannot be otherwise. I cannot stay when Geralt and Yennefer are leaving. I just can not. They should understand it.
- They should.
- Goodbye then, Triss Merigold. Goodbye, Dandelion. Come on, everyone.
Ciri, whispered Triss. - Little sister ... Let me go with you ...
'You don't know what you're asking for, Triss.
- Will you ever again ...
"For sure," she interrupted firmly.
She got into the boat, which rocked and immediately began to sail away. Disappear in the fog. Those standing on the shore did not hear the slightest splash, did not see the waves or the movement of the water. As if it were not a boat, but a ghost.
For a very short moment they saw Ciri's small and airy figure, they saw her pushing herself from the bottom with a long pole, how she still urges the already fast-moving barge.
And then there was only fog.
She lied to me, Triss thought. I will never see her again. I won't see her because .. Va'esse deireádh aep eigean. Something is ending ...
"Something is over," Dandelion said in a changed voice.
"Something's starting," Yarpen Zigrin echoed.
From somewhere on the side of town a rooster crowed loudly.
The fog started to lift quickly. "

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Music is a powerful thing. so. good.

Pankaj Verma

Only good music like this can trigger your dopamine receptors

Jarno Saradeth

Goosepumps every time its a masterpiece

Brunella Spagnuolo

In fact I remember only the music of this movie...

Neil Grima

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Neil Grima

@volcanothdapro to be a black man in a way of getting

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Connor McLeod

I remeber when my wife told me about this movie. She and I were going to watch this movie for the first time right before she died in a car accident. I miss her every time I see it.

denzel washington Having a Vietnam flashback

I dont know you brother but ive just randomly shed a tear reading this. Just know that as men and women we share you pain bro. Keep strong and were all meet again one day

Elias Ghossein

I am really sorry for your loss. Be strenghtful just for her !

sathish ktm

Sorry bro.she went heaven and she still remembers you

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