Under Stars
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(Ngesaba mangibheke ndwe)
(Webaba ngibheke ndwe)
(Webaba ngibheke ndwe)

(Busa lelizwe bo busa lelizwe bo)
(Busa lomhlaba wethu busa ngoxolo)

(Busa ngothando we busa ngothando we)
(Busa ngothando we busa ngoxolo)

(Ubuse ngothando ubusa ngothando)
(Ubuse ngothando bisisa busisa busisa)

Overall Meaning

Hans Zimmer’s song “Under Stars” portrays an inconsolable heartbreak caused by the loss of love. The lyrics speak of a painful situation where someone else has taken the singer's place, leaving them with vivid memories of every happy moment once shared under the stars. The memories continue to haunt the singer, making each dream and every moment of reflection hurt, all too real. The line, 'Stars that don't shine like before,' signifies the end of a relationship and how everything has changed after the loss of love, leaving the singer feeling completely shattered.

The second verse speaks of how the singer cannot bear the idea of someone else replacing them in the heart of their beloved. They depict how nobody else needs their lover the way they do, leading to feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. The song projects raw emotions with simple words and a heart-wrenching melody, making it relatable for anyone who has lost love or gone through a breakup. The final line, "Stars they don't shine anymore," is a devastating acknowledgment that the end of the relationship marks the end of a once-bright future.

Line by Line Meaning

I'm only sad because there's somebody else kissing your lips under stars
I feel sad knowing that someone else is now kissing the lips that were once mine, under the same stars that we used to look up at together.

That used to be mine and yours.
We used to share those stars and everything that they represented.

Stars that don't shine like before,
The stars we shared no longer shine as brightly as they did when we were together.

Images of happy days still pass before my eyes memories and every dream could mean so much,
I am haunted by the happy memories of our time together, and even my dreams carry deep meaning and pain.

They hurt so much.
These memories and dreams bring immense pain to my heart.

I'm only sad because there's nobody else needs you the way that I do.
I am sad because I know that no one else could ever need you the way that I do, which only makes the loss even greater.

Why did I have to lose, how can I face another day without you here?
I question why I had to lose you and struggle with the thought of facing another day without you by my side.

Images of happy days still oh, memories and every dream could mean so much,
Even as time passes, the memories and dreams of our happy days continue to hold great significance to me.

They hurt so much.
Despite the passing of time, the pain still lingers and cuts deeply.

I'm only sad because there's somebody else taking my place under stars
My sadness stems from the fact that someone else is now taking my place, under the same stars we once shared.

That used to be mine and yours, used to be mine, used to be mine.
Those stars were once solely ours, but now they are shared with someone new, a reminder of what we used to have.

Stars they don't shine anymore, they don't shine anymore.
The stars we once shared were full of light and life, but now, their shine has faded, much like the love we once shared.

Written by: Lebohang Morake, Hans Florian Zimmer

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Iasmim Santos

Ameiii essa música


Jesus. I swear to God that Hans Zimmer has been the composer for EVERY SINGLE MOVIE EVER. Or at least very close to that!

Jay Shakur

The best part begins from 3:03!!!

chabelys hernandez acosta



I was lying on the sofa with a bad ear, mum and dad walk in, big surprise, the Lion King!... I will never forget that moment. Forget about the pain after a while, can remember the red sun beating down on the Savannah, whilst pink flamingo's race by, the lake glowing redder still. I remember the easy beginning, the togetherness, then the gripping and heart wrenching moment of Mufasa's death; sadness, loss and giving up. Then "I'm going back" - fight - victory and then "I am proud of you".

lightKairi 09

best disney film ever ^.^ <3


After Aladin


The most epic music in an animated film ever 3:03

Jay Shakur

Still listening this every single day!!

Peta Piknova

awesome song .. i love lion king!

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