In Harmony
Hawser Lyrics

They say every dog will have it's day one day
Well I'd wait for years if you had your say in this play
But I'm sorry babe, you always stood in my way
I cut the cord, I had to do this for me and

I've come so far and I've lost my way
Amongst promises you'd always break
How dare you think I'd forever stay
When in one place you'd remain

How far can one man go?
To suffer the path and be left with no
Name, face, place to call home
Swallowed by lust, I suffer alone

Bite back, take back control
Took everything and came back for more
Sing along to the songs of love lost
March on to the beat of love lost

So who am I to blame?
Who am I to mourn?
Took all that I owed
And now you've settled the score
Divided we fall and now we turn to dust
In harmony we howl the cries of love lost

In harmony we howl the cries of love lost
The hymns of the damned we sing forevermore
You gave it all that you had and now you pay the price
Left empty handed out the back door

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Comments from YouTube:

sacrazygamer 1337

Friend recommended this band and yeah she whas right this band is good

Eduart Kauf

The new hope for hc 🔥


There are some great bands out there in the last years

Frank Stevens

Great lyrics bra...

J Bravenboer

2:10 sla je woonkamer kapot.


Hope to see you in France !

Marc Roggenbuck


mekker zegtdekoe

Wel oke

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