Heaven Shall Burn Lyrics

Welcome to a world of pain
This is the day of your conviction,
Dragged away from home on blood red nights
Slave to a brutal system forevermore
You are an orphan now
Adopted by the beast of war
The end of all your childhood dreams has come
No more will you meet a smiling face
Now peace has left your sleep forever
There are no arms to hold you
There are no arms to wipe your tears

Constrained and forced to kill
These cruelties will haunt you
A life in combat
You'll feel you're inane, you're inner combat
And lies will form the future
You will forget your wishes
And nothing to embrace
But the rifle in your hands
You are an orphan now
By the beast of war
The end of all your
Childhood dreams has come
A life of combat forevermore


There are no arms to wipe your tears away
There are no arms to hold you
Peace has left your sleep

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I'm assuming you're European, and that's not supposed to be an insult, but while you guys over there have experienced much, much much more governmental exploitation disguised as... uh... whatever scapegoats yall had, we dealth with different bullshit. You had no money and blamed whoever. We had a lot of people with a lot of money, but with problems. And they didn't know what to do, so they blamed the poor and the brown, and then 40 years later we're at the same fucking nonsensical bullshit, everything's just called something else.

Over here in the states, we experienced very similar shit. Except for a lot of us, the problems we faced were not always housing or food. There were not the same problems over here. We didn't have to worry about armies marching over our shit, but our shit still got fucked. Just because getting shot wasn't a constant worry doesn't mean it was a paradise.

Housing and food aid was ramped up, but in response, medical and insurance costs got raised to fucking absolutely ridiculous costs, to offset costs the government spent on the poor and the sick and the disabled. And while people across the board got housing paid for AT THE BARE MINIMUM FOR HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS, the sick and the disabled still had to figure out to pay for their medical care because that shit went up in response, along with everything else. But no one really hears about that. Prescription drugs that aren't super generic can cost TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars, PER DOSE. AFTER INSURANCE. I don't even know how to explain it without losing my shit.

Our system over here is literally raped by greed and corporate interests, so don't you fucking tell me that "war is just killing people, shooting people with bombs"

Motherfucker, when half of your family needs to decide between prescriptions and food...

I hope to christ that you're outside of the US, because it would be understandable, a lot of European countries have figured at least some of this shit out. But if you are in the US, then you obviously have no fucking idea. Because you either have money, or good insurance. And if you're in the US at this point and don't get it, guess what, you have money.

I wish I had THE LUXURY of being blown up at a moments notice. I have literally fuck all chance of random death, but I have the joy and prosperity of the American medical system for all the good it has done, which is not a joke... But the fact that getting admitted to the hospital for something trivial costs thousands, and getting admitted for something that kills you also costs thousands, and GODFORBID IT DOESNT KILL YOU QUICK, it could cost TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in hospital fees, and then the THOUSANDS OF FUNERAL FEES

It's cheaper to murder someone and get a shitty lawyer, than to help a loved one die horribly, less quickly.

So don't you fucking dare tell me this shit ain't a war, because it's a war of attrition, and I'm surprised you don;t know what that is.


Before we (Sweden) sent troops to Congo there was a discussion about killing child soldiers.

And the outcome was, it's okay to kill children.
But what the hell, they are brainwashed, jacked up on whatever drugs avalible and totaly numb what regards guilt.....

I hope you little innocent souls go to paradise and be able to get your childhood back.
Love for ever to those who were to young to kill and die

Swedens tribute to UN could end world starvation and probably sett every childsoldier in school. So why don't we?
Sweden is a shithole country, full of pride, humanitarian superpower, feminazi fascist avantgarde, hating and spitting on those who built this nation, WHY GOD IS THIS EVEN POSIBLE IN A WORLD THAT HURTS !

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Josh Pillay

Almost 10 years later and this video still hits like a goddamn truck.


and its sad that the message of this song is still an issue
zero progress in 10 years


Hope you don't mean xmas truck...

Deven Baker

am I the only one that has to hold back tears when watching this

Peter Griffin

Haha stop being a little baby

Farty McFly

I was just about to type the same thing

Der Schmerz

You are not alone! ^^


I know im drunk rn just listening to some old tracks but shit im crying now watching this video...

Ozzylep Unknown

its so beatiful T_T

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fo shizzle

That final part of the song, when you realise that this is applicable to something much broader. Not just the children having to fight in literal war, but those who's life is a war in itself. Fighting for food, fighting against totalitarian regimes, fighting to find a safe place to stay. Damn this song hits you in your heart.

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