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Marche Hongroise
Hector Berlioz Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

The Disgruntled Imperial

Played this in high school, but hearing it while playing a racing game just puts a dumb grin on my face the entire time. What a piece!

N Br

Ahhh I know right. I played in high school as well as with the local youth symphony orchestra. ( I have played the violin for 16 years)

Max Carlos

What game?

The Disgruntled Imperial

@Max Carlos Forza Horizon 5

Berend Soenen - Music

I sung in the opera as a child, I can still remember the scene playing on stage when this came up

Ada Lyubarksy

As always Maestro Sir Simon Rattle and musicians are superb . I enjoyed their performance of Hungarian March . Sehr Gut . Danke .


In Finland, every independence day we hold the Independence Day Reception at the presidential residence where the president greets important people. This piece is always played the last when all the ambassadors, generals, important political figures and former presidents arrive.

Patrick Grimes

The way the conductor mouths "bum bum" during the low brass excerpt made my day


the Passion, the Professionalism, the Precision and Unified Sound, ......the Ear Cuff.

Karl Delavigne

It's a disguised tuning fork.

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