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Symphonie Fantastique
Hector Berlioz Lyrics

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Thank you Internet Historian for showing me this piece


You too


Man so dejected, maid his best piece.😭


Opium induced masterpiece


Right?! It's great.


Meme channels introducing really culture to the swines we are

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I spent 60 years singing professionally in the Los Angeles studios. I regret not playing an instrument to the point where I could have been part of an orchestra. Watching this beautiful rendition you can just feel the love and respect these people have for the music, for each other, and for the conductor. Thank you for this amazing post. PS I love it when a conductor doesn’t use a score. RESPECT


What a beautiful comment.


We only have so much time in this life, and the exigencies of survival, either own own needs or the needs of those who depend on us, create the flow of our lives. You have accomplished a dream others, like myself, never were able to fulfill. Your own contributions to art and to the pleasures of others who heard you are laurels others envy. Thanks for your own work.


Thank you Pavel. Peace and music!

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