I'm Behind You
Heiruspecs Lyrics

They stay hiding in the walls and the
Alleys scare the elderly people just hide
They want the best things that the world
Can provide or at the very least they
Wanna get by, they wanna slide, they wanna
See he glint of fear in your eye

They want your watch without the hassle
Give up the keys to the castle, vandals
Thieves, deadbeats, ignorant, dissident, innocent
Militant minds stay diligently focused
Hope it's not your turn for the
Victim training, quit complaining
At some time you're guilty
Feel me in court, fill me a cell where I

Build a fort I stalk these blocks like
I'm tracking prey, I'm behind you anyway
We watch these cops every lasting day
I've heard what they've gotta
Say to me, we play do we?
You rap about me through your thug shit
The ghetto reaches world wide and
I love it, dug it like a trench

Building up a fence just to get my mark
On the world, see my new tat
Two million ways to lie, so everyone's
A con man in freedom land
Free to stand for principal, but keep your
Kids safe, fear aches, aches and pains need
Drugs so we provide, a wide pharmaceutical
Range for the firing, flame to spoon that
Don't bend for loons, cartoons teach guns and
Clenched fists, so I love the power rangers

We're all strangers so no we don't talk, we
See the danger and anger when we walk around
We look down, which makes us moving targets the
Market for everything is fueled by greed
So some of us bleed take chances
When the risks seem worthwhile
I love how it feels to be foul

I'm like fire I have life count the signs
Watch me grow spread and flow let 'em know
Push me away I'm two steps closer
Everyday sometimes twelve held close by
The individualistic, delve into normal lives

You mostly miss it, litter bug, jaywalk
Loiterer, murderer, murder death
Kill me by changing your commandments push
Me with your moral high standing
People make struggles for themselves to
Overcome, they win some, lose some
Winning every time sounds fine to most now
So most child's lie and boast now
Those piles of red tape can't stop corruption
Another one of my construction I'm a mindset

Ask yourself do the blind lead the blind?
You're blind, thriving in the places you
Walk all the time, all the time in the world
Is mine for the killing, find me a thrilling
Dance what, hands up if you feel the self imposed
Constraints, most of you can't
You push that wall, the wall is me, push hard
I'm where I'll always be SciFi fantasies imagine

Me gone, they sing the wrong song
Instead I get bigger, stronger, harder
Subtler, larger, farther from the senses
Closer to the heart, you're my agent do your part
Now there's crime, ignorance, negligence
Apathy, this is you don't laugh at me
I walk the talk and talk the absolute
Truth, everyday I'm behind you


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